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Then I've gone through a lot of growth lol

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Following on this, Depression and Anxiety are evolutionarily coded into the human animal. In other words, they are giving valuable behavioral information designed to affect the social dynamics of humanity and protect our reproductive viability.

I have an idea... Let's medicate these signals so that the behaviors they are designed to steer us away from become normalized!

Welcome to 2022 society. This is a very large element of the dissolution of our capacity for reasoned co-existence in the west.

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Medicine is a business. That is part of the problem.

And sadly it mainly is concerned with curing symptoms. There is a whole western ideology hidden in this idea: "Always close your eyes to long-term-effects and only cure or handle short-time problems."

"Cause i wanna be rich better yesterday than tomorrow."

What really concerns me is generation covid once they hit the legal age.