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No, not buying that bullshit.

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Agreed. My wife has IBS because of a really bad case of food poisoning screwing her gut bacteria.

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My childhood doctor over prescribed antibiotics. I believe that caused my IBS. I went to more doctors for years, tried all kinds of things. Those probiotic pills they sell, I think they're all dead. I have never been able to culture one. But when I got into fermenting stuff, it evaporated. Worthless fucking doctors caused the problem and couldn't fix it. Just needed to submerge veggies in a 4% brine for a couple weeks and eat that.

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I'll tell you more: IBS isn't an intestine illness, it's a liver illness. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, processing them can't be done fully, and they are flushed out into the intestines are Superoxide Radicals, as part of that bile. This renders the bile horridly caustic and poisonous, and that irritates the intestines. Whodathunk.

Heal the liver, heal the "IBS" or Crohn's. Except the big business of illness will never "discover" this fact, since their whole business is predicated on harming the liver and then selling you various drugs that also harm the liver but alleviate some of the very varied symptoms that liver overload creates.

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I honestly don't believe half the rubbish I hear from a colleague with 'anxiety', he's just miserable and lazy. He's not got anxiety about cooking, he just wants to eat supermarket sandwiches. He doesn't have anxiety about going places, he just likes to watch TV. He doesn't have anxiety medication, he is on antidepressants for being a miserable cunt. Anyway...He also has IBS, probably because he only eats tinned meals and ready made sandwiches.