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Before the internet I used to get the Big and Tall catalogs from all the big box stores and order out of them. Now it is a lot easier to find them online. There even are plenty of used clothes on Ebay and other sites on the cheap.

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Agreed. A lot of my clothes are from consignments, thrift stores, and hand me downs. I also use places like Depop, eBay, poshmark to look for clothes as well.

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I haven't gone clothes shopping in forever. My mother and wife buy me clothes for birthday/Christmas presents so I don't need to. A lot of it does need to be returned but I think that's mostly because there's no sizing standard. Even the waist sizes lie. A "36" can actually be a "38" but not always. There's a name for that, they do it on purpose.

Years ago, bout 3 decades, my leg length (30) was ridiculously hard to find in jeans. I guess I have short legs but a long torso.

These days the options are much better, but length is an issue. Shirts that are long enough sometimes end up being really large unless there's specifically a tall option. Jackets often don't come down far enough. Tucking in dress shirts can be a pain.

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Vanity sizing. Had more to say but fuck my phone.

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Sorry, I hate that.

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Yeah vanity sizing is very common in Anglo countries and especially Germany. I had a shirt that was supposed to be a UK 12-14 (US 8-10), but it ended up fitting like a US 12-14! This store was based in the UK, but manufactured in Germany, and one person mentioned on a website before that German sizes ran huge, but I didn't believe it at the time! Kept it because I liked the shirt lol. Also, I usually wear a US size 8 in dresses, but in standard sizing chart, I'm considered a 10 in tops and a 14 in bottoms! UK would be a 12, but their tops would be a 14 and bottoms would be an 18! And this is one standard chart from a decade ago! The one from '31-'55 would consider me their 20 and 40 (their sizing was weird =/), the standard size chart in '71 would consider me a 16 or 18 and the one from '95-2k1 would consider me a 12-14 and 16!

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It's definitely annoying how arbitrary it is, makes it hard to order stuff online unless you know how a company's product will fit you. Just go to any thrift store and the sizes vs. how big something is vary drastically.

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a long torso

You may have an extra vertebrae. My brother has one.