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someone needs to apologize for that trainwreck.

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The deepfake is probably the best you're ever going to get.

But analyzing the hints the book is giving for the set up of the final two books - gives me a thought.

The show basically stripped ALL the supernatural, dualling Gods conflict (between the fire god and ice god, in a very HP Lovecraft kind of way, there's not much time to explain it all, but expect Krakens and resurrected Gods and blood magic and shit).

I believe, that the supernatural elements they stripped out, will be the 7th book and that the crappy season 8 we saw, may have some common event with the upcoming 6th book.

I think the 6th book will end similarly to Season 8 and that was the plan all along. It's just that the books will CONTINUE after season 8.

I don't think Dany will die attacking King's Landing, but I think book 6 will end with her dead, being carried off by drogon (to be resurrected and become the undead Queen of Fire)