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Argh the formatting got messed up. I'll put it here. Australia - its the Pacific's Guantanamo bay.

The interview timeline, according to Djokovic's lawyers

Novak Djokovic arrives in Australia after 25 hours of travel

12:21am - 12:52am: Mr Djokovic is interviewed by the Australian Border Force (ABF)

3:55am: the ABF informs Mr Djokovic that he will be issued with a notice of intention to cancel his visa

4:11am: the ABF informs Mr Djokovic he has 20 minutes to provide further explanation

Mr Djokovic asks the ABF to wait until 8am, so he can contact Tennis Australia

He again asks for more time to get information from his agent

5:20am: the ABF accepts Mr Djokovic's request for time to rest and speak to his solicitor

The ABF allows Mr Djokovic time to rest between 8am-8:30am

5:22am: His interview is suspended

5:22am-6:07am: the ABF supervisors speak with Mr Djokovic off the record

Mr Djokovic tells the ABF supervisors he is having trouble contacting his lawyers

He says his lawyers can't make an appeal until a visa is officially cancelled

The ABF supervisors say "the sooner they make a decision, the better"

5:30am: Mr Djokovic is taken to a prepared bed in a nearby room to rest

6:00am: The ABF supervisors waken Mr Djokovic, urge him to agree to a decision soon

Mr Djokovic asks to postpone until 8:30am so he can speak with lawyers

Mr Djokovic agrees to an interview, "feeling he had no choice"

6:14am: Interview is suspended

7:29am: The ABF decides to cancel Djokovic's visa

7:42am: Mr Djokovic is informed of the ABF's decision

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Australia is retarded. Just to add a bit more to this story:

Now it can be revealed that his likely reason for requesting an exemption was having contracted Covid-19 twice within the past six months.

It is not clear whether this was sufficient to secure entry under federal guidelines.

Now, in a 2GB segment on Wednesday afternoon, 9 News political editor Chris O’Keefe revealed Tennis Australia had approached the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) regarding Djokovic’s “natural immunity”, only to have it knocked back.

“I’m told on good authority that Tennis Australia asked ATAGI, the federal taskforce on vaccination, if ‘natural immunity can work in place of two doses of vaccine’,” O’Keefe said.

“This is from ATAGI to Tennis Australia when they asked if someone had caught Covid, if that could be in place of them being fully vaccinated: ‘Natural immunity from the past infection is recognised as fully vaccinated in several European countries, but ATAGI also notes the challenge of confirming past infection and uncertainty with regards to the duration of protection.’

“So it’s recognised in several European countries, not recognised in Australia.