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I actually think pro-lockdown people have this problem.

I mean if they destroyed so many lives for no benefit then how can they ever live with themselves.

This is why lockdown and fear keeps needing to be extended in their minds, 7 years of anti-covid measures is the latest I've seen, because when it's all over they know people are going to start analysing what's happened probably.

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With so much invested, I doubt they'll investigate properly. You need time, curiosity, motivation, and tenacity. All 4 or none for all.

I was deep into climate change and it was the last thing I disagreed with James Corbett about. He was making reasonable points, but nothing overly compelling. IMO, he should do a documentary on it, not stacking up facts, but laying out the manipulations. Anyway, I started looking into my own lived experience (boring story), and fundamentally realized I'd been bamboozled. My mind understood - but it took my heart and my reflexes at least 6 months to calm down and just accept the bullshit. It was my hardest turn around, and with that hurdle behind me, diving into the "racist" Holocaust skepticism was much easier, though not really easy either. Vaccines were easy to flip though.

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you just described all cuckpublicans.

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And SJW BLM corporate Democraps and fake-progressives.

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All things move from full to empty, following the path of least resistance. People are no exception.

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Trickle down : piss in my face and tell me it's raining.

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The idea was to stop drinking blood, not to piss some of it back ☹.