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Vaccism (or vaxxism) is manufactured COVID-hysteria related discrimination and social prejudice adversarially dividing the vaccinated and the unvaccinated (however they may define it) in many ways similar to sexism, racism, ableism, anti-Semitism, and apartheid. Vaccism characterizes people as defined by their vaccination status and inferior to the compliant. On this basis, people are assigned or denied certain perceived privileges, rights, and fundamental freedoms.

This subSaidIt will document the abundant stories of the new rapidly growing global problems of state-sanctioned vaccine apartheid and endless examples of the coercive sanctions intended to bring the sheeple under the boot of the psychopathic allopathic big pharma tyranny.

(Definition by me, until a better one comes along.)

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Exactly. I was struck recently remembering the history of white only diners and water fountains. Allowing only vaccinated to dine at a restaurant is no different from allowing only whites to dine. Saying un-injected are not allowed to eat there is the same immoral discrimination as saying blacks are not allowed to eat there.

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Exactly. What's really remarkable is how fast they've turned the sheeple rabid.

The OP is an incomplete definition. I expanded the other comment here, or visit the /s/Vaccism sidebox to read more.

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human brains are just a bigger variation of chimpanzee brains

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Half of everyone is stupider than average - and most of the rest are really freaking close to just average.

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is there a sub for talking about the mass formation psychosis

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We don't have that in red righty states. That's only visible in blue lefty shithole cities and states.