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You're going to have no shortage of material for your sub.

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I just got accused of being misogynistic.

You know what I think is retarded? Pretending women don't get bitchy during their periods. I mean... We all see it.

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    /u/magnora7 - I await your judgement and will happily comply upon its receipt. It's true that this sub's name is reactionary, but please consider the following in your deliberation:

    For clarification, believe it or not this sub has an actual purpose. If Critical Theorists believe that any word can be used to mean anything at any time, then this sub posits that "Retarded", "Gay", and "Crazy" can be derogatory toward unacceptable behaviour whilst not being insulting to individuals. So let's show that we can do this.

    I have also added rules to further structure the sub. If this is still seen as dragging down the pyramid of debate, so be it. But I do believe that in a moment of history when we are told at the same time by the same people that "words matter" and also that words don't matter (depending on the words and the people who sit in judgement), there is room for debate on the context of these specific words and how they can / should be used given the very recent and more historical roles they have played in repression of people and repression of thought.

    I have clarified these thoughts on the page somewhat and will post more if needed. Yes, the sub is for fun, but there is a point.

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    That's retarded. But then so are traps

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    Huh! Congratulations! You pissed off some snowflake faggots! Excellent! I'm proud of you. Now, excuse me while I go piss off some snowflake faggots and get banned from there, too! ;)

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    I just noticed there's a TON of "Gender Critical" sites on Saidit! So! The Cancer Infection has started. That's a shame. It was nice having a free speech site for a while, anyway.

    So, to explain why I was looking for the site: I was under the impression that there was just one "Gender Critical" site but it turns out there's DOZENS of those fucking cancerous things! Gah! Anyway, my purpose was that I wanted to piss off some snowflakes and get banned from it and that's what I did. Here's what I posted:

    "Hi! Is this the sub where a bunch of confused faggots get together and compare cock sizes while calling each other women? I want to know!"

    HA! It took less than a second for some weak little snowflake to bounce me out the door. I'm laughing my ass off, now.

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    I went to the /u/magnora7 site and yep! It definitely belongs here!