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If these "girls" have the same condition as Caster Semenya then they aren't girls at all but boys who happen to have internal testes.

Their families and their countries doctors will have known they are males from birth and they are just trying to get their male intersex athletes through via a loophole.

Caster Semenya was raised as a boy and has fathered a child. The whole thing is just African corruption.

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If these "girls" have the same condition as Caster Semenya

They do.

Their level of testosterone has made them ineligible for the women's 400m but still eligible for the women's 100 & 200m because they are subject to World Athletics' so-called "Semenya rules." These rules put restrictions on the T levels of athletes competing in women's middle-distance events only if the athletes meet ALL of the following criteria: 46,XY sex chromosomes, not XX chromosomes; testes, not ovaries; male levels of T, not T in the far lower female range; and male-typical sensitivity to T.

If WA hadn't already determined Mboma's and Masilingi's sex and medical status, and ascertained that they are XY DSD with testes, then the Semenya rules wouldn't apply to them.

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So these are the fabled "intersex" women that all the trans base their arguments around? Or are they just trannies? If they are XY or XXY but with actual female parts, they're still far more valid as women than some guy who decided he can win some easy medals by smacking down the ladies, IMO.

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Update: Seems Mboma is indeed male. Good on the running officials for calling that bullshit out and fuck the CBC for deliberately obfuscating the fact that these "high natural testosterone levels" are fully due to the fact that she's a guy.

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In 2013 the Olympics eliminated wrestling for the 2020 games... Because there wasn't a women's wrestling competition.

In February 2013, IOC members voted to remove wrestling from the Olympic programme; The New York Times cited several potential factors in the decision, including the lack of universally-known talent unlike other sports, and concern for the lack of women's competitions in wrestling (having only introduced women's freestyle competitions in 2004).

Edit: fortunately for us, they reinstated wrestling and added women's wrestling.

Seems like a contradiction.

They could have made wrestling a coed individual sport that is open to all genders.

Legendary Olympic highlights if some woman pops a chub during a match.

On a related tangent:

Japan has a reasonable political policy for trans issues. An evidence-based approach.

Renouncing your gender???

Prove it... Demonstrate your commitment by removing your renounced bits.
Then we'll talk.

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Also what's a little retarded is someone missing out on the olympics for marijuana use, which I presume doesn't enhance performance. Maybe she might argue that she was born into the wrong body, is actually chilled-out-gender, and takes drugs to affirm her identity and better align her reality with her true self etc.

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"So Woke That We're Racist and Sexist

I think bigotry is a good word for that.

These are the sort of mental gymnastics required to try to superimpose an artificial social construction, gender identity, onto actual biological gender. It just doesn't work and pointing it out gets you shut down with the transphobic slur. Bigots.

I just went off on asshole who did that yesterday, interjected themselves into a discussion of mine they didn't agree with. Of course they claimed I was transphobic. So I told them they were a hateful piece of shit bigot.

Ps. Can I have retarded flair too please?

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Wish granted. You are now Retarded. And good on you for pushing back on that fragile narcissist.

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And good on you for pushing back on that fragile narcissist.

You should make it "Proudly Retarded."

And yeah, it took me 7 days to think of that. Proud.

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    Done. Welcome to the Retard club!

    When I tried pasting in your flair stylesheet, it gave me an error of "too many css classes / too many flair css classes". Any idea what might be going on there?

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    Welcome aboard, fellow retard!

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    Are we sure those girls are female ?

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    Women's sports have always been biologically unfair and stupid, and nobody has ever cared about ableism, classism, or racism in sports before. Suddenly, sports have to be fair for all women?

    Bullshit. Let trans women play if you care about the best women playing, or make sports accessible to EVERYONE, including disabled people and poor people.

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