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And of course like clockwork, up to four people with various cake-decoration coloured hair on Twitter are just so livid that they're shaking rn.

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Was that a different 'retard' sub that let you edit your flair?

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No, that's for this sub, and I'm pretty sure it only shows up in this sub. Would you like one? I wield that power...

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"Possibly Retarded" probably applies. lol

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There you go.

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Thanks, I'm possibly retarded.

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I'd like to be "SubRetarded". No relationship to SubGenius, that I know of.

I just discovered this sub thing: /s/ThatsRetarded/about/flair/

Also, for what it's worth, in /s/DecentralizeAllThings/about/stylesheet/ years ago I made some flair for the posts. Hadn't looked at them for a while, and now I see the GUI has issues. But it's interesting.

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Poof, wish granted!

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Ingraham co-owns and manages Devoted Barbers & Co. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Tattoos, pornography, livestock equipment installed in her face, and more! If you'd like to make an appointment: +19024462223

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Politics and sex scandals can work hand in hand - or hand in other places. If she were smart she'd capitalize on this, but maybe she's to commie to do so. All I have to say is, my unfinished /s/BittersweetSeeds story passes through a small town in Nova Scotia, with a rare name shared only with a town in California: Eureka.

(Did a quick search to no avail. PM me with the OnlyFans stuff. I want to lift the veil on this politician and drill deep, so to speak.)

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Do you remember that guy on reddit (before it went to hell in 2015) who started writing that story about a marine expeditionary unit that got time traveled back to the Roman era, with all their weapons and equipment? Last I heard someone in the industry noticed, and there was a movie planned.

What do seeds mean to you?

Rolling the dice to see what combination you get. Cloning is where it's at. (once you find the right combination)

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Hadn't heard about that. I did know that The Martian was released in chapters online before they made the Matt Damon movie. I figured I'd do mine like that - but as a screenplay, that I would storyboard, and illustrate to be a graphic novel. But I suck and procrastinate and waste time online consuming instead of producing.

Mail me some seeds when you find the right combo, please.

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guy on reddit (before it went to hell in 2015) who started writing that story about a marine expeditionary unit that got time traveled back to the Roman era

Rome, Sweet Rome - Wikipedia › wiki › Rome,_Sweet_Rome -,_Sweet_Rome

Worth looking for a copy of the reddit posts, imo. It was an amazingly well written story.

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I think that chapter of her life is closed and erased. I only heard about it second hand. I'm not an OnlyFans kinds guy and even if I was, I think I'd go for something a little more attractive than this plain Jane who in reality is about as edgy as a Garage Clothing ad.


my unfinished /s/BittersweetSeeds story

Interesting. Subscribed! I hope you pick it back up.

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this plain Jane

It's hard to tell from the head and shoulders. More importantly, it's Canadian politics and I'm a Canuck.

my unfinished /s/BittersweetSeeds story

The irony is that it was a cautionary tale, interrupted by COVID and all the tyranny that comes with it. And now I don't know how this depopulation agenda will turn out, so there's that. Regardless, almost nothing of my story will change for the new normal. I had already anticipated a police state.

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I just noticed the thot freckles on her campaign photo - look like they've been applied with an eyebrow pencil.