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It is the difference between delivering your bombs by truck or drone/F-16.

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I remember reading about a game where one's own team would always appear to be the US and the other team would appear to be terrorists, while to the other team your team would look like terrorists and they would see themselves as the US.

I think this post is off-topic for this sub, by the way; if I remember correctly, it is for a specific ideology about relationships. Try /s/conspiracy, perhaps.

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I'm new here. Is there an FAQ about this sub somewhere which includes what is and isn't on topic?

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I don't know what red pills you've been taking. Then again, I'm not a Redditor, so maybe it's a new variant for me to learn about.

There are several Red Pills I know of. In the movies THX-1138, Total Recal, and The Matrix. The common usage about "taking the red pill" is about the choice "to wake up" to the manipulation and deception about the world around us. Like conspiracies.

The documentary The Red Pill is about a feminist who finds there's a lot more to the unfairly demonized Men's Rights Movement than she thought and becomes an advocate for them while maintaining and refining her feminist and human rights views.

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It's analogous to the subtle difference between red, and also red.

Except that the "also red" is taxpayer funded.

Actually, they are both taxpayer funded. The "red" has extra financing steps, though. Yep. Both are red.

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It depends who "us" and "them" are.

You're only allowed to be a hypocritical superior race if you're a minority. But that also depends, because on this planet brown people outnumber the white people.

It's a conundrum.