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I haven't closely followed this story, but this is a well cited summary. Thanks for the easily digested info. It makes sense.

The same thing happened when I made /r/FBIWatch. I built it to find the criticism of the FBI, but they identified my upstream and started wording titles and articles that were pro-FBI to serve them up to my script.

I used to love reading r/FBIWatch, and I knew Reddit had to hate it. I wondered what happened when it became a FBI cheerleader sub, and figured that they replaced the mods.

FBIWatch was great.

I admire what you did there.


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Appreciate it.

A hard drive crashed lost me a number of account passwords, so I can't recover the moderation of that one. They are just going to go and go until the scripts fail. Otherwise I would have kept tooling with.

All in all, it still gets me what I want. I just have to scan through more stuff.

I also made r/uraniumnews where they fiddled with the upstream in that they just stopped making Rosatom news that sheds them in a bad light, completely.

r/ExposeTheCult looks for the nexus between the intelligence community and cult life, but it is kind of broad so I don't miss anything. I generally just use the search feature to find everything on NXIVM or John of God, or whatever. Sometimes a new TV show or music album will take it over, but it usually doesn't last ling. Right, now, it's got kind of an R Kelly problem.

/rConservativeNewsWeb is another.

I helped make /r/TopConspiracy, though my friend mostly fiddles with that one. He did something right, because it out performs my /r/conspiracywhatever fairly well, but a multi of can be good if you just want to be up to date in the conspiracy community without having to pour over a ton of stuff.

I usually view these as best, new, top last 24 and top last hour, in the morning, just to make sure I haven't missed anything too big. It only tales about 10 minutes on a slow news day.

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I want to say thank you but words cannot do justice.