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Yup, I had that happen.

They have a sub on reddit called /r/redditrequests (I think it is) where people can request the admins to give them moderator control over subs that are 'abandoned'.

The definition of 'abandoned' is extremely loose, such that others can steal your subreddits. I had it happen to me at /r/undeleteundelete

Some users convinced me that in order for the sub to truly be uncensored, it should have no moderator. I agreed with this line of logic, so I un-modded myself to my own sub, so there were no mods.

Then not an hour later, that same user had posted on redditrequest, asking for my sub, and they gave it to him, even depiste my protests to the admins. The sub was not abandoned, but it technically met their criteria, so they felt they could give it away.

Immediately they erased all the posts from the sub, posted posts maligning me, and put up a JIDF (jewish internet defense league) logo as the subreddit logo.

It's still there to this day, frozen like that. Check it out:

I made the sub after /r/undelete was compromised. It's a sub that keeps track of the popular stuff deleted from reddit.

So I am incredibly unsurprised this happened to you, as much as it sucks. It is standard operating procedure over at reddit. That's exactly why we made saidit, because we are beyond tired of all the stupid little games reddit is playing with our flow of information. It's horrendous.

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I was unable to find it in the reddit requests.

I was also posting in it everyday. Constantly.

It's pretty blatant.

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That's weird. Mine happened 3 years ago, so who knows what they're up to now.

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Maybe a friend of an admin, or they deleted the post after it was granted?

Also I'm not sure but i think you need to do mod stuff to count as an active mod and just posting isn't gonna cut it with them

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They banned me for 3 days during the period when you are supposed to say something. It was coordinated.

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That is obscenely shitty.

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Yeah it was an eye-opening experience for sure

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