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IOW, there is nothing wrong is Kamala Harris, just people she works with, or has worked with in the past.

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Other than knowingly letting innocent men rot in jail, failing to prosecute donors, allowing her overlords to dictate policy and implementing their will, etc.

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If all that were true, it would be the sole focus of any criticism. The fact that tangential connections get a higher billing in the list of grievances makes me suspect that if I look into it deeper I will find half truths and dubious logic. You say "innocent men", I bet thats debatable. "failing to prosecute donors", there's probably more nuance to this than you let on.

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I bet thats debatable.

It is not. He was framed by law enforcement.

it would be the sole focus of any criticism.

Or they would focus on the #MeToo aspect to discredit her opponents and make her opposition look like misogynists.

"failing to prosecute donors"

It was at the behest of Heather Podesta, creating further suspicion.

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this henry X looks like a clown, you're gonna send me to his social media page that has pics of rihanna, hot ok but not proof of much

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He was indicted for operating a fake masonic police force, then died the day after his arraignment.

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was kamala in on having him killed

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Considering this fake police force had badges, guns, vehicles, uniforms, etc; the situation already breaks from most people's normalcy bias... making it hard to assess based on just a few articles.

For that reason, I have done wuite a bit of research on fake police forces within the US and abroad and it turns out that it is very easy to create a situation where you can buy a piece of land, put some railroad on it, then call yourself "Chief of Railroad Police." Or build yourself an airstrip and call yourself "Chief of Airport Police." You can, then, request federal aid for weapons and tech.

He was clearly a liability for Kamala Harris, who would have had the clout, but the fact that she was even involved in supporting this operation is troubling enough. His death was very convenient for her, in particular, but that is as far as I'm willing to go with the evidence I currently am aware of.