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According to MSN, Monday at 3:00am, 5 crew members of the Conception abandoned ship. Purportedly, they lept from the front of the boat, swam to the back, lowered the dinghy (the fire fighting equipment was several feet from this location) and fled to a ship 200 yards away, despite being 20 yards from shore.

Sounds more like a getaway vehicle.

There was an automatic fire suppression system in the engine room. Apparently, useless for the type of fire that broke out.

What kind of fire are they suggesting occurred?

Third, crew on the ship have been known to retrieve lobster traps from below standard dive depth over artificial reefs made of broken porcelain (sinks and toilets). This is a skill particular of divers who are also smugglers.

The last line was my suspicion after the second event.

This reminds me of the South Korean sunken ferry where 300 died, notably 250 school children. Occult documents and symbols were found on the boat (not in the link below, but a family member was living there at the time, so it was in the new there.
All of the crew survived, and it was suspected that the children were sacrificed, as it was the 30 year anniversary of the city leaders death (IIRC). The whereabouts of the president was unknown at the time.

The “Spirit Cooking” Style Cult Accused Of Murder And Shamanism In South Korea’s Government

This led to the eventual down of that govt, and the new president (and better relations with North Korea).

It would be great if this led to something similar in the US, but it's extremely unlikely...