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na bro - you hated obama because he was black. they hate trump cause he's a criminal.

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Obama only promised free stuff to welfare leeches to gain power. You couldn't name a single crime Trump did otherwise you would have named it. You are a pathetic welfare leech. Only reason obama won because of losers like you.

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Like Exxon. Money is really the bitch of all ya all. Citizens United is failed law. And failed laws need to be repealed. If the president won't do that then he is a tool. I am sick of tools. This makes u a tool with that bull shit.

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Obama was a muslim commie.

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You'd better tell Obama's cleric that he protected Israel in the UN every time but one, like every other president.

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    Obama who? It's ok he is done. Let's just say same old same old. Let's fix the issue government has been captured by the money. It's unamerican to support any of that. I blame the electoral humpping of a mad man we got only one chance to fix it remove the money changers from our temple. Only one guy is calling and doing that. Republicans are so yesterday Democrats are so yesterday. Bernie is the way forward. The real good against the stupid.

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    I'll wade in! I haven't liked any president in my life time nor Congress nor Senate not one of them I will be looking for a different kind from now on, money no longer has my vote. One side also have the scapegoating of the brown and poor in America. I want cheaper smarter health care I demand schooling for our kids and seek a living wage for my labor. I want the money changers out. And the school teacher in. You keep up with history while I make it. All of them corrupt all pawns to the money Everytime! So your whole premise is faulty and shallow it has no merit in the larger contest. R or d is a pussy game to play in this time in this moment in America. I say trump who and Obama gone. You pick up those pieces. I could care less.

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    Only $10 trillion in USA total. $23 debt and you want free stuff to add more debt. You are a cancer on society.

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    Got ya, a health Care system that cost 12 trillion less. Stop scapegoating America. 80 million people spending their wage increase 80 million x 5dollars an hour boils down to 400 million an hour of new spending right at home. Everywhere in America you are more than a sheep. Baaaaa debt is all the money being made that we pay interest on. You me everyone except bezo you are completely fucked humping a not so rich man fuck us over with tax cuts for the filthy. Shame on you. Coward! Dirty and stupid is no way to go thru life. Fuck the debt we can't pay it untill we get our money back. The wealth tax will not do much but and pay off all national debt in ten years. Now you got nothing to complain about. If it's wasn't stupid enough from your first point the second should be apparent know you know. Deficits are just the money we borrow to give America cash. If you cut two trillion dollars out of the collection of taxes then fuck you for being a dumbass about knowing how this works. Prove me wrong.

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    Kid, theres only $10 trillion total in USA. Gotcha! lol you cringey welfare leech.

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    Ten trillion a year is the income the 1% take. That is over 60% of all money for payroll. That number includes the 2 trillion tax give away. The wealth tax is what you really fear. To funny the chud thinking.

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    Ten trillion is simply payroll to the top 1% per year. Now please you missed the wealth tax on holding. BC because they really deserve that kinda money grab? Your point is simply just divertion from the wealth tax. Please stop scape hosting the back the they take more then 60% of all income each year.