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Great news! pro life is not an order though it's religious in the core and bad policy to regulate behaviours in personal choice. Don't like planed parenthood? then help us end them with Medicare for all. No need to have government involved in this choice. And we shouldn't pay them. Here is your chance! Medicare for all ends planed Parenthood forever. No more scapegoat an you can go back to church. It looks like the whole world is watching.

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Being pro-life is about valuing children and relationships. People can do more to control their own behavior so that people don't want to kill their own children rather than take responsibility for them. When you have sex children is always a possible outcome. I don't think people should have sex outside of marriage. It's riskier for women too. Because if you have sex with a man who isn't committed to you and have a child, you take the greater risk of single motherhood. Don't have sex until you committed to someone. Sex outside of marriage gives people tons of emotional baggage. Contraceptives are available, but they don't always work and are harmful for women's bodies. I do think that we can do more to help people with unplanned pregnancies, though there are already are many crisis pregnancy centers that help women. I think the sexual revolution was a mistake, made things harder on women, and cheapened relationships. Most people don't want a hookup, they want a real loving committed relationship.

We can't afford medicare for all. Also government run healthcare sucks.


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No its really about being a Mrs bucket to people you don't know, because you are better than them, if your concerned about the family maybe you could addopt one or ten of these kids you want to save. Sorry you can't keep up here. Get out of my government screamfrom your pulpit and not in my face as a woman visits her doctor. Pro life is just telling yourself that God wants this. He left you no choice but to forgive the sinner wwjd is the only question, he didn't say any thing about this? and told you to render onto Ceasur he didn't tell you to stand around with signs and act the fool I just know it he didn't do that. As I remember the only protest Jesus ever made was throwing the money changers out of the temple join me with that goal Jesus could be so proud of you if we could just get money out of the temple. It is the right, you know that is right for America And God. of coarse we can! you know how? by spending less than half of what we spend now. Unless you think that would cost more? Removing the middleman insurance company that is gifted 30% of all the money spent on health care by you know who Obama and Romney you should be worried about what to do with the savings oh I know maybe we can tackle bushes war deficits. You really are bad at this. I think it's a republican thing am I right? Blinders and save the right the whole world is telling your kindly to politely go back to your roots with Jesus. Every sinner will meet him I just hope you don't need to explain the first rule to him it's always been his choice not yours never once I think you should leave that to God pray on it anyway.

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the post above had nothing about religion… and yours was 100% about religion.

do you copy and paste from a script?

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Ignore me funny how that works. If i take your ball, piss on your story and laugh in your face. Again ignoring me is the only answer you got left, unless your had a point? It's a religious context because its the complaint of God that God never made. You can prove me wrong if you could it boils down to God deciding and you forgiving. You have other choice. Scrip pasted mutt

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people don't have to believe in god to be against killing children.