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The Democratic primary was undeniably rigged against Sanders.

Can anyone imagine a scenario where Biden wins on merit and charisma?

Do the Democrats see any possibility of winning if they do not rig the election?

I suspect this election is a charade, and it will be used as an excuse to manufacture a civil war.

Edit: I think both sides are planning this.
Enemies both foreign and domestic.

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Enemies both foreign and domestic.

Yes, this last sentence is going to be in play. With China firmly established as enemy (already sour relations, only getting worse), and new revelations coming that China has been financing (aka colluding) with domestic orgs, including Dems, Trump will have established legal grounds to terminate the Dems and many of their minions. I believe the news is going to become so hot, even the MSM will have to show it, until the MSM itself is included in the racketeering charges and taken down as well. "Patriots in control" —Q

Biden is planned to be a doormat. That is, if he wins by rigging, he'll be taken out right away and the VP will step in. See link for surprise ending.

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You're a Q believer? Or a Q follower for game theory?

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Me a Q believer, but keeping salt shaker handy (grains of salt).

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Q is a psyop though.