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What did you think about the idea that Q is a FBI psyop? It makes a lot of sense.

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Just got some new info about when to expect Trump to return, see edit for Jan.27. It should be within 30 days, don't know if it means from Dec.31 or from Jan.20. My guess Biden's Bandits will go down by Feb.19 (30 days after Jan.20).

edit Aug.16.2021 interested readers of MAGA operations will want to consult Devolution, Patel Patriot; series of articles plotting out an alternate Trump presidential continuity theory.

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While I freely agree the Q phenom is a psyop, I absolutely disagree it's created by FBI, and not CIA, nor any other standard intel agency. Q is officially NGO, but manned by GO ops. The goal of Q postings is a spiritual aid for sufferers of the current ruling class psy-contagion which might be called Deep State Oppression. FBI is way too lame to create Q posts. If you take time to read them, the quality is much above the crassness of say, 'Crossfire Hurricane', a proven flop.