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last opportunity to back up all the good stuff. i expect the 10th of dec, when yt changes its tos, to be a digital night of the long knifes

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I wish there was a popular decentralized alternative or few all ready and waiting. Sadly too many are too lazy and love the convenience of their enslavement to "the cloud". Enslavement isn't free and freedom isn't free either.

On the plus side, they are doing it early enough, almost a year before elections - that we might actually be able to organize some significant resistance alternatives to wake the flock up.

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peertube! we (d3rr) have our own instance:

and dont forget bitchute, its torrent based, not too bad.

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/u/d3rr - If you can't read the title how can you know if you want to see the "adult" content on PeerTube? (Crazy colour scheme btw)

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It's a risky click game!

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There's a whole lot of alternatives (/s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki near the bottom) but none stand out as fantastic (yet). PeerTube is great but too small and has limits - in part because it needs participation - and resources (that were "free" in the cloud).

I would love to set up a server here for my dozens of hard drives to share what was once available - yet I need hardware. Maybe I should try to raise funds somehow.

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That actually seems like a very good price, though I haven't been looking/shopping for some time. It would be nice to set up some FreeNAS on it if possible, ideally. And then I'd need about 5 or 6 of them for all my drives, plus a decent server, connection, VPN, proper software, and some occasional sysadmin assistance and boom: A+ limited resource with lots of fringe and pirated content - until they shut it down for whatever reason(s).

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I'd need about 5 or 6

sometimes i doubt your commitment to the united nations sustainability guidelines :-)

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Are you referring to Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030?

Perhaps the United Nations could put some pressure on the corporatocracy to allow free and open communications, so then we could comfortably rely upon "the cloud" not to censor us and force us to be digital hoarders.

For what it's worth, I've never owned a car. A few motorcycles, sure. But primarily I just walk, borrow, or get rides. Also, I'm so poor I can't afford meat much, though now I'm fatter than I was when I could. Also, I recycle all sorts of other shit, sometimes in clever ways but usually just bland and utilitarian. I preferred it when I had money enough to cultivate a style. My style now is pragmatic with lots of quirks.

Soon enough I'll start a /s/GreenParty for more of this kind of discussion stuff.

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Are you referring to Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030?

no, it was meant to be a joke man!

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I know it was a joke. But the UN does have plans. Have you not heard about UN Agenda 2030?

Plus I got carried away thinking out loud how much of a fantastic person I am for being so sustainable. Only mentioning the good things - not all the bad things that I do on a regular basis. I would list them but that would take days...

[–]Phineas 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child) is in beta right now. Company that just got 8mil startup for a decentralized video platform

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I wonder what happened. Maybe they coughed up some decent episodes.

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    'Pushing prescription drugs without prescription'

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    Actually, since he recently started his new studio for longer shows, I found it was not as good. While there were some occasions where I would have liked it to go longer, for the most part one hour was enough. He's no Joe Rogan. And IMO too often he would get the woo on.

    Perhaps it was a strategy to mix up the hard hitting content with the paranormal so most folks would consider it too far gone to take seriously.

    In general I found there to be one good episode to every three or four meh episodes. Occasionally he could hit hard and deep. So yes, there were mosdef some decent episodes among the fray.

    IMO Sam Tripoly does much better in short bursts, like every appearance on The Jimmy Dore Show, he goes in with his head on straight and unleashes the facts like a pro boss - without all the wishy washy stuff.

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    Funny you say that because I have been feeling the same. Many of his one hour-ish episodes were good and left me wanting more. Now in the new studio things are stretching out to an hour and a half plus and I am fading hard on them past the hour.

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    Without the timely pressure to hit all the key points, the formerly streamlined craft in a casual atmosphere wobbles and drifts into a banality of opinions as common as bellybuttons. Everyone's got one.

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    They need that longhaired dude with the lists and research back, the one who listened to the new slayer album on 9/11. He should go solo tbh.

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    I never did find out what the little spat was between them. Sam admitted it was part his fault and it was on Twitter, but I couldn't find it. Obviously it wasn't a friendship killer as Brian showed up for an episode to interview David Icke, if I recall correctly. (Of all the people they've had that I'd show up for, he would not be one of them.)

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    Anyway, still on Stitcher as of now.

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    i've been listening on stitcher for months, it's a great show, some kind of interdimensional shit.

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    too close to the truth

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    Like Icarus flying too close to the sun.

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    these wings are made of wax

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    In case you wonder, you are not a deviant freak for wanting to know about these things and the levers of power. "They" who control what gets censored or not are the exploitative deviants. ie. Epstien (didn't kill himself, nor did Einstein)