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TNCC - Introduction



TNCC - Origins

This "Truther Newbie Crash Course", aka TNCC, was initialized in this "How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers" post and these comments: Level 1, Level 1b, Level 2, and Level 3. Initially these lists were together but growing with too many characters for a single comment, they were split into separate comments, but on 2019-06-21 they were reunited on this wiki page to find more easily with simpler updating access for everyone.

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TNCC - Level 1A

Introductory Skepticism Toward The Media, Authority, History, And War

TNCC - Level 1B

9/11, The Very Origin Of The Globalists War Of Terror, Begun With False Flag Lies


  • Alternative solutions and resources

TNCC - Level 2

Introductory Skepticism Toward All Establishment Systems

Recommended truther channels with higher production value but less frequent releases that are too the point and glossy presentations for those with no time to waste on interviews, sloppy podcasts, live chats, over detailed repetitive redundant tedious tiring boring documentaries ad naseaum, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

TNCC - Level 3

Introductory Skepticism Toward Elite Power Through History

Bonus Fun:

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