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So can we mock the crazy from reddit now? Goodness knows it's a target-rich environment.

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Fuck it, go for it.

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As a normal saiditer, it's one of our favorite past times when done occasionally (although we understand you might initially have a LOT of things you weren't able to say over there). Welcome to freedom!

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Nice to see you all here :D

This is going to be a lot of fun

For the people new to saidit some subs you might be interested in. Be careful when you wade outside them, you will encounter some weird conversations, a bit like when the internet was still the wild west.

Just be mindful of the pyramid of debate.

Not as active but maybe some of you can remedy that:

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Thanks broski

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Greetings, fellow shitlords.

Also, this is my first time on a Reddit alternative and jesus balls does it feel good to see the downvote button shot out of an orbital cannon. Hated to see people get dogpiled for going against the hive mind.

Oh, with apologies to any canid- or hymenoptera-kin who expected a trigger warning for the above slurs. My bad.

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I liked the downvote button in concept, but almost nobody followed the rule that the downvote button wasn't a "disagree button". That, and downvote acted as a mob censor utility.

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Exactly. It was a tool for anonymously punishing people for having opinions you didn't like as much as it was used to keep nonsense down. And completely unnecessary; upvotes are enough to have popular submissions float to the top without tarring and feathering dissenters.

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The good news is that SaidIt admins won't be randomly banning people for offending whatever SJW group has their ear.

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I just floated over after seeing the post over on Peddit. I was part of the former banwave crowd that happened a year or so ago when all of the GC subs went down, including the cancer subs for women that were invaded by men who said it was a hate crime for women to talk about ovarian cancer. I am not using my same handle.

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I am not using my same handle

Me neither; wouldn't be surprised if it got banned eventually due to participation on both old TiA and KiA though.

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The top bunk's mine! Also, I got beer. Cheers. To our once beautiful home and to our new one!

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The top bunk's mine!

How you going to call dibs like that? Uh-uh, you want top bunk, then you'll have to earn it. We'll roshambo for it, South Park rules.

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Yo, just dropped here from Reddit. Let's goo!

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It was nice while it lasted, but now we start a new chapter here

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Just bounced over here from reddit. I'm glad there's still a place where normal crazy people like my head and say "what the fuck?" I hope more of TiA's community finds their way here.

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Howdy everyone! I'm a lurker over on the reddit version (not with this name though, on reddit someone else uses this account name). I don't post there so as not to trigger the automatic bans some subs implement for people who post on TiA. Looking forward to great discussions here!

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I don't post there so as not to trigger the automatic bans some subs implement for people who post on TiA.

Same!! I'm looking forward to actually being able to participate in the sub, now.

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Welcome to Saidit, where those of us on LGBDropTheT ended up over a year ago during the 2020 purge. It truly amazes me how quickly gender ideology has managed to gain so much power. Gender really is a new religion.

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ohai, welcome. We've had a lifeboat set up over here for Culture War Roundup for a while, and a few dedicated posters tend to cross-post content between here and reddit regularly, which I appreciate. Yes, the almost-pure reddit compatibility makes things easy to set up and roll with, but there are a couple of drawbacks.

1) Admins (admin?) are a lot more hands-off here, but there are some bright lines you cannot cross. I'm fuzzy on the details now, but there was a big blow-up about a year ago that left some free-speech-100%-absolutists with a bad taste in their mouths. Not that I think this will cause problems with most posters here, just something to be aware of.

2) This place is subject to outages. Generally only lasting hours (days at most), but I've seen it go down at least 3 times in the past year, and I don't check daily. I haven't heard any good explanations as to why, but I'm assuming its not large enough to attract the paid-for DDoS bot armies that bigger shitlord sites do. Might have to do with hosting costs.

Both of these tell me that keeping more than one exit option available is probably for the best - don't regret that decision.

Other than that, this is a decent enough reddit replacement. Let's just hope it lasts.

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Hey, a new home. Doesn't have that comfy, lived-in feel of the last place. But then, it also doesn't have that batshit-crazy HOA running things either.

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Excellent- a place to go instead. (Close to my name there but works easier.)

Someone who wants worshippers, not allies, deserve neither.

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Did anyone go and archive the tia subreddit? I know that when r/gendercritical took the hit the mods were bummed they didn't archive it before bannination. There were some posts that they wanted to save but forgot.

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Dunno how we'd archive everything, but I've archived a few posts, and our wiki.

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I thought there was a way for mods to download the entire reddit (eta - I meant subreddit) but maybe I was mistaken.

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Upvoting--er, ah, clicking on the lightbulb for your flair. Howdy!

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Howdy everyone, shame what happened happened but at least this looks like it should work well for a new home for TiA. I must ask before I do something dumb, what exactly is this pyramid of debate? I saw the picture but I don't exactly understand it.

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Glad to be here.

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Now i can be literally hitler once more

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Welcome, refugees.

Here, a couple of archives of your announcements:

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Hello again, fellow sane people. I'm sad about the subreddit, but I'm sure our new home will flourish.

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Hope this one lasts! And I immediately got myself same flair as the one I had on Reddit. Too used to having it to be on any version of TiA without it.

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Yaaay, let's gooo! Perhaps I'll even post things.

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trans lives

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This is a great sub, and the lay out is brilliant. "Opress a linkkin" and "... textkin"-- brilliant.