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Some good news is that the BBC is pushing back against trans repression and the Guardian did some very even handed reporting on it. I think that the tide is turning and Reddit is behind the times.

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this is what authoritarians do to turning tides -- they clamp down harder.

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Sadly, the only things that would have a chance in that is the Malicious Compliance "forcibly shift the Overton Window to a level no human with a soul could still agree with".

Things like taking it all to a natural conclusion and "this person posted the sky was blue. That didn't talk about me, and that doesn't validate me so it offends me- reported.", or "this woman posted a picture of herself. I know she wouldn't sleep with me so it invalidates me. Make her have sex with me or ban her"- or even further, if they call the bluff, to "...I know this person posted genuflecting to me and they paid their own way to have sex with me...but they didn't MEAN IT! Reported!"

No different than other forms- the only way to fight the authoritarians is play by their rules.

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r/TumblrInAction (not to mention r/GenderCritical) was one of my favorite subreddits. I'm sad.

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gendercritical, gendercriticalguys and troll_gc are also here on saidit

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Thank you!

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Also welcome to all saidit newcomers 🙂

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r/TumblrInAction was the very first subreddit I ever joined (under a different name) back in 2014.


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r/TumblrInAction isn't dead just yet. For a while now the admins have been trying to subtly nudge us towards banning criticism of LGBTQIASOUP groups without explicitly making a rule on it. There's a chance they may decline to act at this point because it'd be very obvious that this is political.

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lol, as if they care

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The way they are acting means that they want you to bend the knee and neuter your own sub, because maybe you will without making too much of a fuss. A little birdy told them you might be able to be manipulated, so they're seeing if you can be.

If you don't, they will impose more rules and eventually their own mods, and as you fight those things, they will then ban you for good. They did it to several large subs before you, there is no reason to think they will do something different for you.

At least you're getting communication from Admins. Many subs before you did not. Please be sure to post it publicly and archive it. Don't let them rewrite history once you're gone.

I hope you continue to stand up and remain the same, and share out loud what they're doing. There are many of us who don't and won't forget.

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I like Saidit more, with no porn allowed this place is great and will keep a lot of deviants away. With that said: The trans community is mentally ill and seriously needs help, not what reddit and other groups are pushing.

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One interesting side effect of Reddit becoming Tranny-Central is that it keeps all their retardation centralized. This means Tumblerina's can act even more retarded and then cry about their oppression to Reddit.
Its like a marriage made in heaven. A fat, retarded heaven.

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I hope [p]reddit withers and dies after alienating so many parts of it's user base. People who believe in physical reality, people who are female, people who know water is wet, and so on...

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F. Such bullshit that reddit is doing this. Maybe this is dumb of me but I'm hopeful that they'll smarten up at some point.

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They're run by a bunch of trans pedophiles. They're in way too deep to ever back out.

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I really don't see that happening :/

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But welcome to Saidit! Looking forward to a long, healthy relationship of making fun of Fat Retarded Tumblerinas

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Although it is still alive for now, that may not be for long, so F. I may not have commented much there lately, but I still visited a lot, for the fun, the disgust, and the horror.


Just noticed the new announcement. Okay. Not "still alive", more like "in agony and practically dead". F.