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This must be why the Germans lack a sense of humor.

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I was going to say that.

Indeed most regimes which have lead to genocide have been known for being humourless.

Yet laws are basically being written on the basis that this is fact, joking leads to othering leads to genocide.

Where's the evidence for this?

The real joke is these hate crime/speech laws were first pushed by soviet states as a way of suppressing decent.

The thing meant to stop oppression and mass murder is actually a tool to enable it.

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Eugenics doesn't have to be Nazis force sterilizing people, or the US force sterilizing people for that matter -- Eugenics is actually a very American idea, the Nazis ripped us off.

It can be more like Gattaca, where the process is voluntary. Or even allowing mothers to abort babies with serious health issues.

In fact someone mentioned the trannies are essentially sterilizing themselves voluntarily. That almost makes me want to go be an ally, except I think innocent kids are getting caught up in this bullshit who shouldn't be.

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We’re ironically directly on a trajectory that leads to Gattaca. I’m seeing some circles starting the push towards “transhumanism”, which is just eugenics with a fancy name.

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Transhumanism has a focus on the individual and using technology to surpass human biology. Eugenics, although people have proposed using genetic modification, can be done with nothing more than the same techniques we use for livestock.

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“Surpassing human biology” is literally a form of eugenics, and it’s a slippery slope to GM and selective breeding

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What I'm saying is that eugenics can be done within the constraints of nature without meddling with our DNA directly or through some other technological means. We wouldn't surpass our genetics, just optimize them. Breed out disease and defects.

What's wrong with selective breeding?

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“Breeding out disease and defects” is good on the surface, but who gets to decide what is and isn’t considered a defect worthy of being bred out? You? Me? Elon Musk? How do we stop harmless mutations from being labelled as “defects” to be purged?

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I don't believe in forced eugenics at all, it should be optional. The snag that hits is one of the reasons I mentioned Gattaca, the regular people will probably end up becoming de facto second class citizens to improved humans.

How do we stop harmless mutations from being labelled as “defects” to be purged?

That is a big problem, I mean it's not just minor stuff that seems harmless. Tendencies towards things like drug addiction and violence, or mental illness, are negative traits that seem like they should be attempted to be bred out if possible, but you'd be erasing a lot of important people in history were this, just as a thought experiment, able to be applied retroactively.

We'd need to reassess what traits are truly undesirable, honestly, and we probably aren't going to be super happy with the results.

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Well, if humor is so dangerous, I guess we can start by banning comic books.

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Comic books often have crazy villian that are set on world domination. It stands to reason along this line of logic therefore that we should ban comic books lest someone identify with the villian and get bad ideas like using an army of brainwashed radicalized penguins to overthrow the democratically elected United Nations and impose an economic dictatorship based on the fishing needs of aquatic fowl rather in a penguin supremecist state that does not value human rights.

It's time to take your comic book and fiction reading friends aside and ask them if they are aware that they might become the next Hitler if they read any kind of problematic material. There was that problematic movie Toy Story for example which pushed this weird materialistic fiction that toys are alive and that Andy is some kind of god to them. Don't let your friends watch that, it starts innocent enough with comments like "oh your toys miss you because you aren't playing with them" but before long the fiction is believed and your friend will send you and your family to the garbage dump for daring to suggest you are a Sid inclined individual. We must be ever so cautious against the pernatious societal I'll known as fiction, it keeps people's attention away from Jesus.

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Ban the old ones. Titles from the last few years are in no danger of making anyone laugh.

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"Edgy jokes leads to eugenics" that's just Woke Marvel for you

That, and the mRNA vaccines.

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what lmfao

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What the fuck? What kind of leaps of logic are these?

  1. you make a joke about parenting licenses to your friends in the grocery store because screaming kids
  2. woman with postpartum depression and her husband let their baby die because she can't afford therapy
  3. now there are parenting licenses
  4. you are unqualified for the license if you're mentally ill with a criminal history


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I remember a time when comic books had actual stories in them. Overblown at times, sure, but that's part and parcel of the medium. I'm so fucking glad I stopped reading them before they started pandering to the morons with shit like this sanctimonious writer mouthpiece bullshit.

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I am glad I got to start comics when I now know how woke it is. The indie titles and the ones before 2012 were recommended to me by some mates. Anything before 2012, basically. I confirmed that when I was reading an X-Men comic with the ads still intact and that there was an ad for an issue where there was a gay marriage that is going to happen. Red flags all around. Anyway, I have read my fair share of manga and I am now exploring comic books. Shouldn't be too hard since there's a shitton of backlogs and older issues and indie comics and great storylines too catch up to. I'll learn to be more disappointed with DC and Marvel in no time.

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See, even the gay marriage thing wouldn't have been an issue on its own for me. Even back when I was still reading (and as a kid, to boot), it wasn't exactly subtle that Mystique and Destiny were a lot more than just friends. It was just one aspect of their characters, not the only aspect. It's when that (or some other) special identifier becomes the core of the character that I lose interest. Because when that happens, author/writer mouthpiece is almost always the next step.

And since I read (or, rather, read in the past tense) comics for larger-than-life characters with epic confrontations, having entire pages given over some whinging screed about how this or that real-life issue is far more important than whatever soap opera storyline we're in the middle of this year is extremely jarring and unsatisfying.

I think I'm going to dig out my comics and read Age of Apocalypse again. It's some depressing shit, to be sure, but seeing Magneto literally rip the ancient Darwinist blueberry limb from limb was easily one of the most satisfying scenes I've ever read. Almost as good as Wolverine popping those bone claws for the first time after losing his metal coating.

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Indeed. I'll give the Age of Apocalypse one a gander. What I hate about the current LGBT situation is that there are actual good stories about it, most of which are indie. Just look at Line Webtoon. Lore Olympus has a gay couple in it but they are not the center of attention, and then there is this comic which tackles gay issues and the characters are more than their identities. It's just there, an emphasis sure but there. I should reread it again when I get the time.

Epic confrontations were given to me via mangas so I am not very ecstatic about some of them. Shounen mangas have numbed me to some confrontations now and again.

I wonder where Marvel or Dc get their writers, whereas there are others who might've done a better job or much better, make an entirely new character that has the gay things that the editors want.

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If you do look up AoA, start with the Legion Quest storyline, it sets up the entire AoA timeline.

I wonder where Marvel or Dc get their writers,

Scraped out the dankest pits of Tumblr, I suspect, based on some of the shit they put out. A generation or so of "creators" weaned on the most awful combination of shitty, powertrip fanfics, early identity politics, and the idea that screaming the loudest make you more right than the person you're screaming at.

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If you do look up AoA, start with the Legion Quest storyline, it sets up the entire AoA timeline. Will do. Thanks for the recommendation.

Scraped out the dankest pits of Tumblr, I suspect, based on some of the shit they put out. Yeah, can't argue with that. I used to browse Pinterest and I thought Tumblr was the shit. I was mistaken but there are some genuinely creative things there and I am saddened that these execs and editors just didn't get them.

Anyway, past is past. Thanks for the recommendations again. Good day!!!

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Good lord that is a monologue. tl;dr, sheesh.

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yeah, but I also wonder what shit quality images lead to?

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i ain't reading all that

i'm happy for u tho

or sorry that happened.

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What in the Livingston fuck did I just read? It all starts with a joke? Are they serious? I think people would know if someone is joking, albeit grim and edgy and those who really believe it. And if they are just referring to the edgelords then they'll probably see David Duke as a comedian. My Lord Almighty. And they had Colossus say this? Marvel is really shitting themselves. Quite the most awful thing I've read in a while.

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So I definitely don't think a joke leads to all of this, but I do understand the concept of slippery slope to eugenics. The thing is though, it's the "woke left" that would be most likely to support a eugenics movement. They HATE families and they resent people for having children.

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Most likely? They already do. Certain public figures are talking about transhumanism as if it’s the hip new future instead of a looming eugenic dystopia a la Gattaca.

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LOL, exactly. A Netflix series just came out called "the future of" or something like that. Each episode excitedly describes technology and AI that will come out in the future that sounds genuinely terrifying.

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Logik rulez!!!
Ve ave no more humourz for you!!!

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Is that Piotr talking to Kitty circa 1982? But he's grey at the sides now and not an 18 year old in a quasi-paternal romantic relationship with a 13 year old?

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So r/childfree joking about parenting licenses is bad (despite the fact that they absolutely mock rich white parents just as much or more than they mock poor and/or nonwhite parents) but woke people joking about putting their (girl?)dick in Jesus’s crucifixion wounds is fine. Got it.

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND here we see why the American comic-book industry is floundering while manga still makes money hand over fist.

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...I need to rewatch "the name of the rose"...

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From criminals to people with cancer/diabetes....what a fucking jump, lmao