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They’re just as gay as all the rest of their beloved LGBTQ+ alphabet soup though so why shouldn’t they embrace them?

It’s not like they’re the gay pedos that diddle kids, so they’re not directly hurting their agenda either.

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That's the problem, they're not the gay pedos that diddle kids, and therefore not woke enough. They don't support homosexuals. They support "gay" as a social category along with the rest of the "LGBTQIAPFABCDEFG+ community". The people who are obsessed with their sexuality or gender to the point where it's their life's purpose. And of course always support the Democratic party so they can shove their obsession in everyones' faces, including those who have conflicting religious beliefs, and silence any and all opposition to them; even that which is unrelated to these issues, since all they have to do is say "homophobe" or "transphobe" and the mob jumps on their opponent without a second's thought. So basically reddit mods.

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That's the problem, they're not the gay pedos that diddle kids, and therefore not woke enough.

Most hardcore wokesters actually despise pedos though, either because they’re afraid of them making their movement look bad or they don’t believe pedophilia is a legit mental illness and think their attraction to children is simply based on them wanting power over another and not an equal partner.

Come to think of it I think this might be the reason why they don’t support consenting gay incest either, like it’d be one thing if the woke crowd simply ignored the subject or was neutral on it altogether but hardcore SJW antis on Tumblr and Twitter love using incest in tandem with pedophilia as some sort of dog whistle, even if the former is between two gay consenting adults on an equal level and similiar age such as siblings or cousins - like the post that’s the very subject of this entire thread.

I think the reason they disavow it so much is because the majority of incest cases reported in the real world is based on abuse of some sorts, so even though abuse technically isn’t inherent to incest like it is pedophilia the woke crowd zero in on those statistics because they view everything in the world through the lens of an unhealthy power dynamic. Like it’s legitimately scary how much they read into every single little interaction as some sort of oppressive power dynamic “trying to keep the people down.”

I think this is the reason why non American countries tend to be much more chill about certain types of incest (such as Hong Kong and Germany making gay incest legal) they have yet to be infested with this woke mentality that views every little thing in the world through the lens of a power struggle. It’s really fucking sick the way the wokesters view the world, normies don’t go around interpreting an oppressive power structure in every little thing they come across.

It honestly reminds me of the mob mentality Marx stirred up among the Peasantry back in the days of the Russian Revolution, he preyed on the people’s anger and riled up the underclass so much that they began to see oppression in every little aspect of their day to day lives which eventually lead to the toppling of entire governments and scapegoating of any one people or person who they perceived as “having more power than them” such as Jews.

Not surprising we’re seeing a direct continuation of this whole “stir up the mob by directing their focus to seeing power dynamic conspiracies designed to keep them down everywhere they look” considering wokeism is a direct rebranding/perversion of Marxism. Only substitute class inequality with power inequalities and oppression in general.

These types of scapegoating-like politics that zero-in on on inequality of any kind are always dangerous because they stir up the crowd and lead to obsessive and unhealthy conspiratorial like theories that begin dominating every aspect of the woketard/Marxist’s brain and prevents them from seeing the world from a normal, objective, clear and nuanced perspective.

It also ironically enough reminds me of the whole McCarthyism “Red Scare” of the 50’s-through 60’s where instead of power structures/imbalances Communism was branded as the boogeyman of the day and led to a lot of innocent people wrongfully being accused and ostracized from American society simply because the public had gone crazy in seeing “Red” everywhere they looked.

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The reason wokeism isn't as prevalent in other countries is because Christianity isn't as popular there. And the men behind the curtain need to paint it as badly as they possibly can, because it's a serious threat to the order of the world. So they make the mainstream Christians into cartoonish villains, and everyone else into obnoxious wokes who do nothing but scream about how bad Christianity is and everything associated with it, using the former group as "proof".

Also consider that wokeism has already completely taken over many other countries, so there's just no debate. In Germany for example you go to prison for a long long long long long long long time if you so much as question the consensus on the holocaust or voice disagreement with the lgbtqiapfabcdefg+ agenda (even on religious grounds); basically reddit mods run the show and imprison all the "bigots" for "hate speech".

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So you think wokeism came as a direct reactionary movement to Christianity? How do you explain the original wokeism though, Marxism, sprouting up in non fundamentalist Russia?

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Iirc Russia was almost all Christian before the communists took over

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Were they as fundamentalist as America though?

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As much as was necessary to demonize them