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What in fresh hell is this. Why is this shit stain going into the particulars of the "preferences" of pedophiles.

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To prove that simply mere genitals don’t make the gender of course, it’s all about them hormones baby! /s

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My thoughts exactly lol, this is an absolutely bizarre and disgusting conversation to even initiate. Typical reddit.

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People who defend pedophiles, who "educate" others on the differences between types of pedos, I am pretty sure are pedos.

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There is not a single doubt in my mind that you would be correct in assuming this.

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Now we have "paedos are better than you because they aren't dirty genital fetishists".

If course in queer theory they are better than you anyway because they transgress the biggest social boundaries and are the most excluded and oppressed people.

Wait, you thought caring about excluded and oppressed people was a good thing? You didn't think that through did you.

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Someone please inform this person about NAMBLA, I don’t think they realize that pedos can come in gay or straight flavor just like everyone else. 🥴

Oh wait actually they don’t, because didn’t you know children are “genderless” you cissexist genital fetishist? Didn’t you know that all those pedos that do have a preference are either lying to themselves due to internalized toxic masculinity/heteronormativity/cissnormavity or just so happen to have easier access to AMAB penis-bearing children?

Also how you dare you intentionally gender kids before their hormones come in, what if they’re non-binary, bigot!

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This is funny and a decent point but also one of those things im worried that once said out loud gives these people some kind of logical framework to be like "yes pedos are enlightened because children don't have a sex."

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In what way is it a decent point?

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You're the one making the point and you are asking why it's a decent point? That's really weird.

The fact that you called attention to their mental decoder ring of "paedos are better than you because they aren't dirty genital fetishists". Most people will read that as a criticism of their insanity but the TRAs will pick up on it sort of like the Streisand effect.

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"yes pedos are enlightened because children don't have a sex."

You don’t actually believe that do you? Like children very obviously do have a sex even before their hormones come in, there is such a thing as a gay or straight pedophile right?

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You're trolling.

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Lefties and queers have all kinds of idiotic paradoxes.

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Did you read the whole thread? It’s bonkers, apparently OP is trying to prove through pedophiles that children are sexless/genderless until puberty and should therefore be allowed “to pick their gender.”

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Op is probably a pedophile. Someone should open an investigation.

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It's unbelievable the hill these people chose to die on.

Yes, many pedophiles aren't exactly choosy over the sex of their victims, but that doesn't erase the existence of biological sex whatsoever.

What's the point of this bullshit?!

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What's the point of this bullshit?!

Well according to this person, to prove that genitals don’t matter one bit in determining someone’s sex?

They say we should only use hormones as the determining point of biological sex because before that point little boys and girls are basically virtually physically identical which is just…. ???

Yes hormones are an important factor in determining biological sex no doubt but where do they think those hormones even come from in the first place? Teenagers bodies don’t just suddenly play Russian Roulette and randomly decide to pick and choose which hormones to take upon physical maturity, that is already something that is predetermined before birth upon the formation of one’s chromosomes.

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They say we should only use hormones as the determining point of biological sex because before that point little boys and girls are basically virtually physically identical which is just…. ???

Even by this logic they would still be wrong, because the hormones they take are artifical horse piss pills, not natural produced ones.

If they're so true and honest, why the need to supress natural hormone production for life?

Are these people so deluded to not understand what a self-own this argument is?

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Wood chippers know no gender. They are the true bringers of equity, inclusion and diversity.

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No that’s actually pedophiles according to this deranged person. 😂

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I mean, what they’re trying to say is just “don’t judge all gay people by the priest in the local Catholic church who fucks little boys.” They just decided to post that word vomit instead of plain English.

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No, read all the comments in the thread and it’s plain as day that this is just more trans shittery.

They are quite literally claiming that pedophiles cannot be called either straight or gay because pre-pubescent children themselves are sexless.

i.e. only hormones and puberty and secondary sex characteristics can display gender, not genitals. They are saying that genitals don’t matter at all when it comes to determining someone’s sex. (Not even “gender,” biological sex. You only gain a sex during puberty according to this loony.)

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All i can say is wtf

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I'm no psychologist by any means but this has to be some "projecting" or something telling about his preferences or desires. No sane person would take the time to philosophy about pedos and children.

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Nah I think this is just another woketard trying to use pedophiles to prove that prepubescent children are “sexless.”