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To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

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I think they’re just virtue signaling over trans people because trans rights are a hot button political issue. A lot of those same SJWs used to make transphobic jokes before supporting trans rights became politically relevant.

If all people who attempted suicide or have mental health issues came out en masse to march for affordable healthcare or something, they would virtue signal for us too.

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That's just unfair.

People with suicide attempts and mental health issues HAVE been coming out en masse to ask for equality. SJWs just say "I was once sad, I'm lazy and moody and want to be an asshole to people...I'm totes one of you! Hug me and call me your kin...oh, and go over there where we don't see you, this is OUR high school clique now!"

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A lot of those same SJWs used to make transphobic jokes before supporting trans rights became politically relevant.

That's because the concept of “transphobic” wasn't invented until after “trans rights” became relevant.

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Ding ding ding.

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Not to be a contrarian, but just because someone perceives offense to a statement and attempts to just shut you up doesn't mean they're censor happy, right?

Like this person spoke their mind freely and someone said shut up. I don't think that constitutes a censorship issue.

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Censorship is understood as the state prohibiting certain opinions or facts from being made public, essentially forcing them to remain private. Considering that in the situation here, we don't have the state acting, nor do we have an opinion or fact being expressed but rather a question being asked. Then yeah this is likely not censorship.

I think the important takeaway from OP's post is the hierarchy of issues and privileges (remember the privilege olympics meme?). In this particular case, gender > suicide.

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    Reducto ad absurdum, if someone ate a bag of gummi bears with the intent of commiting suicide is that still a suicide attempt.

    Maybe if they ate those sugar-free gummi bears that caused monster shits. But it'd probably require multiple bags of those.

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    Also, just my .02, but if you wanna die, go out having a blast.

    I'm not sure encouraging people to kill themselves and in “better” ways is the smart move you think it is.

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    I have questions if that is even legal on sadit

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    We have a guy planning an assisted suicide here so we're used to talking about it bluntly.

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    It’s not “everyone else” it’s literally five percent of the population

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    everyone else here

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    Are you the same guy that kept commenting "as an actual suicide victim" on reddit no matter how many times you were told that that's a weird way of phrasing it?

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    Sign based slogan activism is retarded anyway it's one of the most counterproductive ways to enact change on most issues. The best you can hope for is to gain more grassroot support and attention. But a lot of that attention is going to be negative. And that activists tend to be attention whoring drama queens means you just provide your opponents with free ammunition against your cause. And if you don't have the attention whoring drama queens and do have a boring peaceful demonstration with well thought out arguments, you won't get much attention.

    No matter how it plays out it's a bad move.

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    Sign based activism is less about "change" outright and more about indoctrination.

    If I held a sign that said /u/spaz fucks dogs, put an end to it! You won't put an end to it, but you and others passing may look into the validity of the statement.

    Talk to 1,000 people to get 100 people to respond, ask 100 people to get 1 person to buy.

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    It works for small scale local issues where your biggest issue is you need more people aware of it. Like "don't tear down the historical library building" or something equally non-partisan that is only of interest to local people.

    For wide issues like climate or what have you I guarantee you that almost nobody is unaware of the issue, so there's basically no benefit gained from protesting. It's less indoctrination and more about the ruling class diverting the discontent of the society away from them and towards the other proles. You get the prole and outer party factions bickering amongst themselves and wasting energy to prevent them from joining forces and making policy that threatens the inner parties hold on power. Plain and simple.

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    Semantics, you're not a suicide VICTIM. If you were, you would be dead.

    You are someone who attempted suicide, you are a suicide suspect.