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At this point Wokeism is nothing but just another religious cult, no different from traditional religious cults like Westboro Baptists and Mormons

Note how 'Wokeness' retains every prole-control precept of the "Old-Time Religion", with updated lyrics for the 'modern' Hallelujah Chorus:

Featuring The Holy Trinity: Race, Sex"Gender" and Economic Class.

  1. Revealed 'truth'. (Listen and Believe!)
  2. A Catechism (the "Narrative").
  3. Chosen People ('Protected Classes').
  4. Original Sin ('privilege' and collective guilt) which cannot be expunged without perpetual 'repentance'
    a. ...but punishment can be softened by "indulgences" ("reparations" and tax credits).
  5. 'Heretics' aren't just wrong, they're evil or even non-human, and there are no limits on what can be done to oppose or punish them. ("No bad tactics!")

It would be a trivial project to adapt the above to Eco-Theism, Animism (Gaia Angry!) or however far society chooses to descend.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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Featuring The Holy Trinity: Race, Sex"Gender" and Economic Class.

I would actually change that to “The Holy Trinity of Race, Gender and Sexuality.”

Nu-Marxism is far more concerned with identity politics and interpersonal dynamics than any kind of class consciousness like it’s old-school predecessor.

Also another similarity I just thought of that parallels traditional fundamentalist religions almost to a Tee is that anyone who brings up or even acknowledges the sciences and biological reality is deemed one of those irredeemable heretics.

Sane person: “Biological sex is real and cannot be erased.”

Wokeism: “Burn this devil bigot at the stake!!!”

Sane person: “Human life does not begin at conception but at 5 or 6 months when all it’s bodily organs have formed and developed, also Evolution exists, Creationism is not a thing.”

Fundie Christian/Jew/Muslim: “Burn this devil at the stake!!!”

Sane person: “Being gay is something you’re born as and is biologically immutable, gay people have distinct differences with the heterosexual majority that need to be acknowledged, and no it cannot be reversed, changed or chosen. Traditional conversion therapy and “trans conversion therapy” via lesbians taking the “girldick” won’t work.”

Both Fundie Woketards and Christians/Jews/Muslims: “Burn this heretic devil at the stake!!!”

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"Born that way" and "Choose to identify..." aren't the same. And I want to see a scientific article explaining how "born gays" reproduce.

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One of my favourite Tumblr posts of all time was one where the poster pointed out that antis are the left wing equivalent of those people who scream at cashiers. They have pent up angst and want an “acceptable” target to scream at.

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Let's be real, that’s all woketards in a nutshell. And it’s the radicalized elements of the Democratic Party’s fault for pushing this sort of unhealthy persecution complex mentality onto America’s youth. Wokesters have become the Democratic equivalent of the Tea Party, and the mainstream Democrats have failed to contain the wildest elements of their party and let the fringes run loose, just like the Republicans did with their actual Tea Party and Trump/MAGAtards/alt right.

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Shipping is retarded and anyone that does it should take a shower, it's funny how those idiots are infighting all the time arguing over imaginary relationships. Also incest is disgusting and degenerate, stop justifying it

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Also incest is disgusting and degenerate, stop justifying it

It’s fine if it’s between same-sex siblings or cousins though, the only main concerns of incest are inbreeding and/or the possibility of parents or other older relatives taking advantage of and grooming their kids but take that away and it’s perfectly morally neutral so long as it’s between two consenting adults who aren’t hurting anyone else.

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It is objectively degenerate behaviour which means that I am against it.

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Serious question, if there’s no possibility of inbreeding or grooming involved what exactly makes it “objectively degenerate?” That’s not how objectivity works.

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They are blood-related. It makes sense why most humans would be repulsed thinking about that.

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Uh yeah but that only applies to straight people not the queers though since they lack a reproductive imperative.

Hence why I say it’s only okay/not gross when done by gay couples.

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While you're mostly right, my one big disagreement with this is that I'd posit an opposite reason for the hypocrisy: These antis are not hypocrites because they're woke, they're woke because they're hypocritical shippers.

The big similarity between the woke and the anti is rather than "start with a hypothesis and research until they find the right answer for a conclusion", they instead start with the conclusion they want to hear and work backwards until they find some info, grasping at whatever straw they can, until they can claim their conclusion is right. Antis' case is much more inconsequential than that, but they still are shippers, and all of their work is working backwards from a single conclusion:

My ship is the one true pairing, it is right, it is perfect. It is the only true conclusion to this story's romance; nay, it's the only true love story in the entirety of human history. Anyone who disagrees that this ship is true, right, and perfect- especially real canon- are truly evil, wicked people who hate humanity, they truly hate the very concept of love existing, and most importantly, they hate me, personally.

The reason antis work with Wokeness is less about politics and more because Wokeness gives the anti what they want most in the world: JUSTIFICATION. Wokeness's methods are perfect for an anti because they can be spun to make the anti's demands for their ship to be canon justified and, indeed, the most heroic act of civil rights any human being in history has ever done. With queer theory, you get " dare make it clear [insert main character's canon het pairing] is the endgame of this? That's proof you are homophobic! If you were part of the solution, you'd have the guts to make [lead character] gay...", then Marxist critical theory adds in "there's an inherent power dynamic in any relationship, so [insert gay ship that uses one of your OTP] has an inherent power inequality between the two which makes it impossible for the less powerful person to consent to sex with the more powerful person, so by supporting this ship you're basically advocating for rape. Only [insert their OTP] is truly equal enough so they can each consent to sex with the other person." Wokeness just gives the anti a justifiable reason that makes them sound heroic...but make no mistake, it's not wokeness, they're just looking for a reason to make their ship the RIGHT one and they're willing to make something up if they had to.

Same with the claims of it. Make no mistake, the "I hate incest ships/I hate pedophilia ships" are excuses. Pedophilia excuses mean nothing from an anti, because an anti uses it to say "oh, your ship shows these two 80 year olds who met and fall in love, but one was born one day before the other? That means that when he was 18, she was 17 years, 364 days old! PEDOPHILE! This is a pedo ship!" To people like this, if it's not THEIR ship, anything short of "they were born the same day, year, hour, minute, second, with no time zone change. Literally, the two character's mothers had to hold hands in the delivery room and synchronize their births, with two doctors, two nurses, and two notary publics there to show they both were born the exact same picosecond to each other." And if they were, they'd say "...well, that just means the two characters are twin-coded, so it's incest!", so you'd still be wrong. Likewise for incest, if it's a ship they don't want, they'll go as far as "well, if you go back far enough, everyone is related to everyone else, so even if 23andMe proved that the only connection between these two is Adam and Eve, they're both related! Incest!" (Meanwhile, the ship they want is so true and obvious that these claims will not be made for it and indeed can be washed aside.)

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Shipping was a mistake. Why can't we just have fun with stupid ships again, like we did back in the days of Avatar. Fucking idiots taking themselves too seriously.

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While I’ve no doubt some antis use wokeness as an excuse to shit on their own personal NOTPS/rival ships or to simply bully the weird kids (because bullying people simply for liking weird/gross shit is no longer acceptable in this overly PC climate) I’ve got two problems with this reasoning:

  1. It ignores the equally large “neutral” woketards who don’t participate in general shipping discourse and don’t have a horse in this race concerning certain ships one way or the other. I actually just interacted with this type the other day, when asking her opinion about a certain brother/brother ship being made canon she said she had no problems with other people shipping it and was neutral concerning overall ships for these two characters to begin with, but then threw out all sorts of Woke/SJW buzzwords to voice her “concerns.”

“I think in this case while I have no strong feelings for the characters as a whole I choose to go by Death of the Author and ignore canon, because you have to admit making them canon is quite problematic wouldn’t you say? As a queer person myself I consider it offensive when media frames queer relationships in a predatory manner.

The way this ship is presented in the canon is not predatory in the slightest, it is between two enthusiastically consenting adults who seem to be no more than 1-3 years apart in age, they are both equals who interact with each other as such and care about the other deeply. What praytell then is so inherently “predatory” about this sort of relationship? Just because of the brothers label? (And it’s never even confirmed whether they’re biological brothers yet!)

See this is a prime example of woketard mentality and McCarthyism poisoning both fandom and individuals brains. Where is she seeing this supposed “predatory power dynamic” in their relationship? The Japanese audience certainly don’t see it that way nor was that ever the intention of the director himself. Why is she reading so deeply into a cartoon and seeing things like “predatorial,” “problematic” and “power imbalances” that just aren’t there? Because this is your brain on Cultural Marxism, it prevents you from looking at the world in a neutral, objective, rational manner and sees oppressive power structures everywhere you look because in the Cultural Marxist’s/Woketards mind the grand meta-narrative is this nebulous power struggle that’s lurking around every corner, trying to keep the people down. That’s why they have this insane framing of “Exploiter/Exploited” for even the most innocuous of human interactions. Woketards lack nuance and unbiased individual judgement, they are only able to view the world and relationships through the Exploiter/Exploitee power struggle because they’re absolutely obsessed with both the concept and their insane belief that all human beings must be perfectly equal in all ways in order to interact in what they deem is an appropriate enough manner.

2.Even if we do go by your logic it still proves my point that Wokeism even just existing has contributed to the downfall of fandom as a whole. Think about it, why weren’t shipping wars/slander like this back in the days when I was growing up? Why didn’t antis think of these woke justifications for hating certain ships back in the 2000’s? Why has it only cropped up since the mid-late 2010s? Why were certain ship tropes such as incest or being a fujoshi and the like accepted de-facto as just part and parcel of being in fandom and only now are being looked at “critically” as “being problematic?”

If it weren’t for Wokeism antis wouldn’t even have Marxist excuses to fall back on and would simply resort to the good old days of justifying their hate for a ship because “insert actual relevant story/characterization opinions or simply personal feelings here.”

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  1. I agree with you, but that's also the problem with Wokeness as well. All of these things boil down to how many Woketards have realized "the natural endgame of intersectionality is 1:1, literally every human on earth gets a seat at the table and their opinion is taken into account." However, when combined with Oppression Olympics taking hold, that quickly gets perverted into "all of society is a battle to find the single most oppressed human being in the world- and once we find that person, we'll raise them on a pedestal to be the God of this new world and be our new king/queen to truly make things equal"...and the difference between a person who cares about social equality and a Woketard is "the Woketards are the ones who are openly jockeying for position to be that single most oppressed human being." The example you gave is just "shipping bullshit" being replaced by how this issue has overtaken romance, even though romance is the ultimate right given to the individual: Every individual has the right to choose who they'll entertain a romantic relationship with, and even if someone can bully a person with identity politics into sex or a relationship, if another person with their identity tries to enter a relationship with them they'd be furious.

  2. That's exactly right. There was some shipping wars, but again, it's more representative of the issues with Wokeism. People were always fuckwads on the Internet about this, but Wokeism is so alluring because it gives you an excuse and a reason to justify being a fuckwad as righteous.

Fandoms just are one of the many attacked places of this viewpoint by people who know they're a piece of shit in their heart, but truly believe they're the greatest hero in human history for being a POS to people.

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It’s edging towards totalitarian/toxic Communism as a whole is what it is. This is exactly what the Communists did when they came into power during the Soviet Union: Prosecute and Jail anyone who they perceived as having more power/privilege than another, I wouldn’t even be surprised if they banned media & fiction itself that didn’t feature relationships between two perfect equals, and it looks like that’s where we’re heading here in the U.S. if the radical woke progressives overtake the mainstream Democratic Party. (They very well could, it’s only a matter of time before Gen Z comes of age and begins taking Office.)

American political discourse is currently caught between the two authoritarian extremes of legit Communism from the Left or legit Fascism on the Right and it terrifies me to see these sorts of radical political orientations get more and more mainstreamed by social media by the day.

Fascism is a no-brainer but even Communism as a system and form of political government is just completely in-sustainable and inhumane with how it overanalzyes everything through a group lens while disregarding the individual. Like there’s a reason why the Soviet Union was a failed experiment and the people eventually rose up to overthrow it, once you start policing individual autonomy your system is shit!

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I agree with the problem and how "prosecute and jail anyone who they perceived as having power/privilege than another" is inevitable, but a few problems with that:

1- A ban of media/fiction that doesn't feature relationships between two perfect equals won't happen, because again, due to their critical privilege theory, it is impossible for two people to be perfect equals. If there's even one minor difference between the two people, that difference is enough to make one person the oppressor and the other the oppressed and put them into the same boat...and in many cases, they'll use that to fight over which one is the oppressor and which the oppressed (if you had two fat black trans lesbians who are physically/mentally disabled [both self-dxed] and have multiple kins, and persxn A is one pound heavier than persxn B, then persxn A would say "I am one pound heavier than you, therefore you have thin privilege over me and I'M the oppressed one!", while persxn B would say "well, you're only heavier because your clothes are heavier than mine, meaning you can afford better quality clothing than I do, meaning you're WEALTHIER than I am, meaning you've got class privilege over me and I'M the oppressed one!")

2- On the one hand, if they did take control, this leads to a likeliness totalitarian/toxic Communism won't happen, simply because of Oppression Olympics leading to everyone believing THEY are the most oppressed person in the whole world (and thus, the only person who should be allowed to rule to make things right.) Because of that, a revolution is unlikely to happen since it's much more likely we get "Civil War II is Battle Royale Mode- every person fights everyone else to the last human standing, and they'll attack the mirror."

Indeed, the biggest reason the Woke has failed to fix problems while the legit Fascists are succeeding on the right is because the Fascists will work together for their goals and don't really care who gets the credit for doing it as long as they get what they're fighting for...but to the Woke, the credit is all they really want. They're basically little kids playing Harry Potter at recess, and they're secretly perfectly willing to let the world go to hell until such time as they've jockeyed into position as the hero who gets the credit for destroying it...and more specifically, if they DON'T get to be that hero, they're happy to fight to keep the world in hell just to spite everyone else. (Shit, Trump came to power in large part due to the Bernie bros who made it clear to Hillary supporters "if I can't have OUR way, I won't let you have YOUR WAY EITHER!", and Biden won in large part because the Democrats who supported otherwise were willing to say "...fine, it's more important Trump is out of power we GUESS we'll let you have your way for now.")

3- That's also the bigger worry about the radical woke progressives overtaking the mainstream: People just get more conservative as they grow older. These kids are angsty teens who believe they're the center of the universe now, but when they come of age and take office, in all likeliness they'll get more centrist or even become right-wingers. This is something to be afraid of, because the real ones know the issue isn't Republican vs. Democrat or even Fascist vs. Communist, but rather Authoritarianism vs. Anarchy...and even if leftists get more conservative with age, authoritarian people don't usually get more libertarian as they age, they will just get more centrist or right wing but still believe authoritarianism is the key.

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If you want a good example of what you're talking about, check out this video here. Antis were running an Elden Ring zine (of all things), and kicked out an artist for drawing supposed NSFW of a fictional anime minor. Never mind the fact that George RR Martin co-wrote the damn game, and we all know what happens in the original book GoT. The wokesism and blatant hypocrisy in fandom has become insane.

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George R R Martin is a perv so being a paedo is OK?

Great reasoning there.

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Stop being a fucking moron. Nowhere did I ever say it was okay to be a pedo. And since you don't actually understand what I'm saying, let me break it down:

GRRM literally wrote 13 year old Dany having sex with an adult Drogo in his world famous series. The project I mentioned was made to support a game he co-wrote. The people running this project kicked out an artist for drawing an anime teenager in a skimpy outfit a long time ago, a drawing that in no way was related to the project. Yet they're running a project supporting GRRM's game, when GRRM did the same exact thing in a series he wrote. Therefore, they are being hypocritical. The whole situation is a good example of what OP was talking about in this post, which is why I brought it up.

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Hey you know that “Woke Religion Chart” you made? Mind updating it to add the tenents of Sex and Consent to the list?

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McCarthy didn't stick around forever and this queer gay tranny fad will go away also. I predict that all these new "woke" jobs will be the first to go in a recession.

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It didn't really go away though did it? It just morphed. McCarthyism was focused on communists specifically. But it's gone through many names and many forms. Canel culture. Satanic Panic, Salem Witch trials. ALT-right or Antifa sympathizers among us.

Is there a good word for this phenomenon besides witch hunt? I'd say it's a purity purge. You become convinced that there is unknown evil infiltrating your group and start a witch hunt for it. But it's hardly a new concept. Very common in American culture.

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is there a good word for this phenomenon besides witch hunt? I'd say it's a purity purge. You become convinced that there is unknown evil infiltrating your group and start a witch hunt for it. But it's hardly a new concept. Very common in American culture.

So is this why you don’t tend to see this Mcarthyist attitude popping up in other countries? I don’t know though, it feels like Westerners/Europeans are prone to it as a whole, I mean just look what happened during the time of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. I think it’s just that extremist ideologies as a whole that trend towards scapegoating tend to be prone to this sort of witch-hunting because it removes objective reasoning and encourages anger & resentment amongst the populace which just clouds judgement.

Rather than a purity purge I feel a better name for these sorts of ideologies is Scapegoatism. The extremist leader at the time rises up and identifies either a particular sort of people and/or concept that is to blame for all of the ill in the world and stirs up the mob to take action to eliminate it at all costs if they want to see a rise in their standard of living.

Previous historical targets were Witches/The Jews/Monoarchy/Capitalism and yes, even Communism during the McCarthy Era. Now the very concepts of Power and Oppression itself is the newest scapegoat up on the chopping block in today’s Cancel Culture environment.

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For the life of me, I couldn't brain why shipping breaks up real life friendships.

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Because some people care more about how you treat fictional characters than real life actual people :/ Very common in fandom, unfortunately. It's retarded as shit.