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Oh that's not new, my dude, retail workers have always thought poorly of the customers. Check out the classic film, Clerks. It is very realistic. The curtain is just being peeled away so to speak.

Or Fight Club. You probably get soup with piss in it.

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that's not new

...but it is seen as a more 'authentic' attitude to have lately, due to MSM publication of shit like r/antiwork.

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Oh that's not new, my dude, retail workers have always thought poorly of the customers.

Double baco cheeseburger; it's for a cop.

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I'm going to need you to step out of the car, right meow.

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There would be a lot less of it if less people were absolute dicks to staff...

Its that fucking simple.

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I only really care if they’re doing shit like breaking someone’s wheelchair because they think a black Latina paraplegic isn’t as oppressed as they are (United Airlines. No surprises there.) The rest of the time I treat their shit like any other social justice cringe - roll my eyes and block it from my social media. And don’t go on TikTok because it’s cancer and covid all rolled in to one.

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I think you sound like an asshole.

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    You don't know what life experiences have led to someone "choosing" to do a "minimal knowledge job" and having to deal with fuckfaces who look down on them all day. I can almost guarantee that they also work harder than you do. And yet, you rely on them to provide your food, other trivial bullshit and then make a post like this.

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      It says a lot that you're even concerned about this. Those people want the exact same thing - for you to get in and get out. They aren't out to get you. Believe it or not, they're also actual human beings who do things like grocery shop and go to restaurants in their spare time and don't want to worry about being fucked with by some cunt.

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        I can count on one hand the times I've felt disrespected by an employee anywhere.

        Here is a definition of the word entitled: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. "kids who feel so entitled and think the world will revolve around them"

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        People not doing their job properly are the same kind of fuckfaces as their fuckface clients.

        Murdering a murderer makes you a murderer.

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        I can only speak for myself... I've always treated workers as real people. I never worked a retail job but have several friends who did, and I heard a lot of stories of shitty bosses and entitled customers. Even if I hadn't I would treat people properly - my parents tried not to raise an asshole.

        But, some of the stories my friends told were of obnoxious, slacker coworkers who took delight in messing with customers, and who felt that it was everyone else's fault that the world hadn't given them all that they expected.

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        You're gonna encounter people like that in every field, every job. Unfortunately there is just a percentage of people like that wherever you go.

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        They rely on me to use their store so they can get paid. If I think the service is bad, I won't come back, and if enough people think that, they'll have to close, and everyone loses their jobs.

        I don't care how hard someone is working or struggling or whatnot, I just want to get my stuff and get out as quickly as possible with minimal fuss. Hate other customers that cause shit same as the workers since it makes my day harder as well, but it's still not an excuse for bad service.

        The thing is you are right, the service industry is essentially you providing trivial bullshit to people who are willing to pay for it. It's one of the first to go in a shit economy, and it's also one of the easiest for your customers to simply decide they aren't happy and fuck off and not come back. I've got sympathy for the type of asshole customers you have to deal with but that's the nature of the job, if you're giving bad service in response it will kill your business. I've tried so many new restaurants that don't understand this and they invariably fail. When I'm going to spend money on non-essentials in the service industry, if the general vibe is bad, I don't come back. Doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. The customer is god because they're the ones paying your salary.

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        On one hand, it sucks.

        On the other hand, I've been in those shitty jobs before. You get treated like shit mostly by management. Which treats you like shit because the next level of management up demands constant increases in profit. Because the top level of management is incompetent and borrowed too much money, and the whole company will collapse if they don't crack the whip. So if you really wanted to help the situation, you'd find the home address of the CEO and send him a photo of his child dressed as a trans.

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        There are several issues at play here.

        If you drill down to the root of it, the average man does not want to be handed a huge paycheck every month for simply existing. OK, I tell a lie, that would be mighty fine. But it's obviously not realistically going to happen now is it.

        So the average man, like all average people, has to work for their lives. When their in their teenage years, they don't have a lot of responsibilities in life. They may have a girlfriend to date, a shitebox car to run, a couple of hobbies, maybe going out with the boys every other week, but most of their life is taken care of by parents. As they get older, they will need and/or want more things. Such as if that girlfriend becomes a wife, if their parents house is no longer their home and they need to pay rent/mortgage, that shitebox car has had its day and he now needs something reliable to get to a job that he can survive in.

        Whether or not you necessarily agree about that's how life should be or not, it is the general progression of the average man.

        If a man has left with no education and thus no real value to the workforce, sure he can join McDonalds. And while he's a teenager that may be just fine. But as he gets older and wants to progress in life, that McDonalds salary won't cut it anymore. Similarly the graduate who has just left higher education and is still working his McDonalds job he had while working in university/college wants to make use of that qualification, not be stuck flipping burgers for his trouble.

        What men want is to know that there is a route upwards. When a man knows that there is no route upwards and this is it for him, that's not a good position to be in. Whether he's the guy who's gone to the mediocre best he can in his field, or he's the guy who fucked up school and facing 50 years of minimum wage before he retires, everyone wants to know that there is some route out. Whether it's further education as an adult, traineeships that actually mean something, not just McDonalds managers, apprenticeships that will teach you a trade that's useful i.e. plumbing or electrical, not needlepoint or bullshit sales jobs.

        The trouble is a lot of kids figure out really early that there is no route upwards. Their parents have demonstrated that by holding onto dead end careers while our government over here in the UK has made higher education so expensive, it's completely inaccessible to all bar the very rich or those on benefits. The average middle class man right now simply cannot afford the £60,000 to put a single child through university and the prospect of telling an 18 year old that that's what they're going to owe before they've done a single day in their chosen profession - if they even have a clue what they want to be at that age - it's all rigged.

        These kids aren't stupid, they know the game is rigged, they know they're likely fucked out the gate.

        And then you wonder why they act up?

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        While you make a good case, that's a case for "okay. Don't even bother going to these places. No one is holding a gun to your head saying 'work at McDonald's or we shoot you.' If the game's this rigged, then simply saying "we want more money, we want benefits, and if you can't give us this, we won't work for this little.'.

        By contrast, acting up in these jobs? THAT'S what can turn that route upwards into a route downwards very, very quickly. When you have no route upwards and you're at your dead end and it's never going to get better than this, all you have left to sell yourself on is being a reliable worker and someone who can fill the role. And if you do that, then at least you can make some laterals for slightly more here or there, possibly even break through and get past that dead end one day.

        Acting up and sabotaging things, on the other hand, will likely lead to you getting fired from these jobs...and if you're really in a situation where you're at your peak and your dead end, any bridge you burn means that much more and will mean you'll only put yourself in a worse situation. Even if you're in the "sabotage things so it goes viral on TikTok", 1) it won't go viral when everyone else does it, and 2) It'd last maybe an hour at most, and it likely wouldn't even make you notorious enough to have people want to see your Twitch or pay to see you on OnlyFans.

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        There's a thing which is referred to as "main character syndrome" which lies in direct conflict with the reality of the vast majority of people living as "filler characters". I think it really messes with people's brains.

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        I think this is immaturity and entitlement and has always existed in the younger generations before reality beats it out of them, I think the main difference between now and the past is simply that social media allows these people to connect and egg on each other more than in the past.

        What will happen is a few of them will go too far on TikTok, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down and the rest will withdraw from the platform. Those that grow up and mature will be successful, those that don't will forever be annoying kids wondering why their life is shit and never taking the responsibility or the agency to realize that it's in their power to make it not shit. They'll become the asshole bosses they despise now and still complain about those above them being assholes.

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        They deserve better treatment. Maybe they would be more eager to serve arrogant, sanctimonious customers if they were treated as human beings with respect.

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        I did grow out of retail jobs around the time where those kids came in but I kinda agree with their means of rebellion.

        I hate society as well and I hated my parents and everyone before me for letting it get that bad. I'd call myself a conservative if only there was anything worth conserving - so instead I turned to this ideology of my own that offered some hope: accelerationism.

        For me and I assume a lot of them, this was the only way to save my mental health. Sit back, relax, and learn to enjoy watching the world burn.