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Link for those of us without Zuck accounts.

Of all the ways you could go about defending your point... You had to include your fake mental illness, huh.

Regardless of any opinion I may hold on this issue, I really love how much bickering it has caused between weird coombrained adult women and unhinged over-sharing teenage girls. You get some of the best hysterics and utterly ridiculous trains of thought.

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I guess this is just showing my hick ignorance, but what is a scene kid?

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I come from hick and hillbilly blood, but scene is a subculture back in the mid to late aughties to the early teens. Mostly liked domo, gloomy bear, invader zim, liked bands like brokencyde also wears neon clothing and what not.

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Looks like they took 80s punk rock and added a heaping of effeminate-leaning gender ambiguity with a dash of Tim Burton. It's almost like this is non-binary before there was officially non-binary. Like a warning of what was to come.

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Kids who thought emo was cool but didn't want to commit to living as a black and white character.

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Ah. I see what it is. I'm just old. Graduated from high school in the early 2000's. Thanks for answering my question!

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No problem! Eh I don't think you're old. Old is like 60+ imo.

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Is this cool? Or does the internet give the illusion of cool?

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No, fanfic is most certainly not cool. I am embarrassed I know what "shipping" is.

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It's the same these days where people love to be victims, that gives them a pass to behave cuntishly. My grandma died when I was 3 and now I'm using that as an excuse for being a shitbag, it's not my fault, I'm traumatised. No fucking sense of self responsibility.

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Is this really "cool", or is it an Internet perfect storm of:

"The Internet: no matter how batshit loony your tastes are, there's 8 billion people in the world and most have the Internet, you can find ONE person who thinks the same way or will at least humor you because they think your stupidity is amusing", combined with

"Pickup Artist law: 'you can tell someone who's unlucky in love to do whatever cockamamie shit you can think of alongside 'there's billions of people in the world of your sexual preference, if you never give up, get discouraged, and are literally willing to ask out every one of them in the world including infirm people in hospice and infants, eventually the simple law of averages will dictate ONE PERSON says yes'...and when they follow that rule and find someone saying yes, they'll have so much more luck versus before that they'll believe everything else was why it happened",

multiplied by

"Bullying ending led to these kids being the annoying cunt who turn up the annoying factor when they know you can't do anything or you'll get in trouble, plus if someone tries the authorities- teacher/parent/etc. would say 'just let the annoying little cunt be, they're crazy enough they'd probably make a live Foster the People adaptation if you put them in their place."

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Bullying ending? Since when did bullying ever end? It just morphed into this new cringe woke form.

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NGL I might dress in the scene and some pastel "goth" fashion once I reach 140lbs lol. Honestly, those subcultures of scene and pastel are much better than the gender crap.

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Or like, be yourself.

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meh I like the styles of the clothing, and I think it'll look better on me when I'm thinner

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There’s a lot of enabling groups on the internet if you have a mental illness. For example the “rational suicide” forums I was on from 2013-2019 on and off. Only five percent of the population has attempted suicide but it’s still millions of people when you consider the reach of the internet.