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Protip: Fandoms suck. If you want to enjoy media avoid fandoms. They're full of nutters.

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    Not to mention the fanhaters as I think of them. You know the ones, the Harry Potter fans that consume all the media just so they can say how [phobic] whatever it is is. They only spent 2 days reading/watching it all and they only watched it to find problems so they can justify watching it. It's hilarious. They get so tied up in knots about it because JK is a big mean meanie now so they can't like her content (because twitter said potter woman bad) but they do like it so have to make excuses for why they've watched it and why they're the biggest 'not'fan.

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    It's insane. I read all the HP books, all the bigotry people accuse it of simply doesn't exist. People truly love to hate JKR. It's ridiculous how people have rallied around this nonsense.

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    I've come to realize that. It was a tough lesson to learn.

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    Yeah, It's really sad that people can't just enjoy things. It spirals so much and it's just tiring to deal with. So many fandoms are super toxic on top of that, especially ones the woke like. Look at Steven Universe and them driving people to suicide.

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    I would have been perfectly content to let people just enjoy things. We don't have to agree on everything. Too bad others don't extend the same courtesy.

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    Yeah like idrc if that's how someone wants to interpret a character. Would I think it's a bit weird? Yeah. Wouldn't harass them for not seeing everything the same way as me though.

    Sometimes it's super forced too and adds nothing to whatever they're doing, they need to just chill and have fun my man/woman rather than needing to be 'on' virtue signalling mode all the time.

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    The problem is a lot of these people use fandom as a means of activism, when it's anything but.

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    It's honestly funny and kinda pathetic. They can't go outside so they'll just write a speech about how POTTER WOMAN BAD on a fic or something. Or make characters trans to upset her. Like mate she doesn't read this I really don't think she cares.

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    Yeah no joke, JKR doesn't give a shit if you trans Harry or whatever. She's too busy giving a shit about real life actual women lmao

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    Yup You don't need any toxic fandoms to enjoy your favorite stuff.

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    I've decided to just go forward enjoying my game on my own. There's no need to meet more people to ruin it for me.

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    TRA ideology is just another form of fandom they can join.

    It doesn't have any basis in reality so needs an audience cheering it on to exist at all.

    That's the kind of fiction fans love the most, something which can't exist without them.

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    I think this is it. Once you have an group around some interest, once these types come in it turns it on its head. Sexuality is not a fandom you can join but it seems to be treated as such by spectrumy types. Which is why you get all the xenogender shit I guess.

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    Yessss that and intersectionality crap. I'm into dramione a lot of new works and fan art seem to make Hermione black or at least mixed.

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    Yeah, I've seen a lot of fan works with dark skin Harry a couple of times too. I didn't mind them at first, but they got to be sooooo repetitive. It's like bro. They live in England. The overwhelming vast majority of people in England are ethnically English. Which means white. Get over it.

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    Wokeness has attacked nerds since the beginning and was built around woke crybullies going "join us or we will make it our mission in life that you, personally, never get to be happy ever again" until a lot of nerds gave up and said "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

    Gender ideology has the double whammy of "gender ideologists are the one group that realized incels' importance in growing a cult/movement, since they're a section of society that is so utterly love-starved that the smallest shred of an implication of a possibility of a promise that if they do everything you say, then MAYBE you'd consider possibly having sex with them in exchange, is enough to make them literally take a bullet for you", and the ones who are angry enough to use their new priority seating in Oppression Olympics to get vengeance on those who wronged them.

    Are you SURPRISED?

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    Yeah they spam that shit to no end and claim that it's not political afterwards. Like just STFU

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    Well, im way too old for getting involved in fandoms anymore but yes, I noticed wokies are ruining any fandoms they're in and what's worse, often demands and even just straight out harras orginal content creators to pander to their whims.

    I feel so sorry for teenagers these days, when I was younger fandoms weren't this toxic and insane. :(

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    Funny that we think that fandom has an age limit nowadays. I was suprirsed to hear this from the seniors, but one of the things that helped fandom not go too crazy were the presence of old people. Think senior Star Trek fans who printed their monthly fan magazines pre-internet days. They served as elders who teach the younglings how to behave. We're really missing that nowadays.

    The fandom I'm in has a father with 4 children. They all love the same series, so he would write children's fanfiction and read them as bedtime stories. Really wholesome.

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    Yeah, there are plenty of fandom elders. It's just that they're less likely to be the idiots aimlessly vomiting woke SJW poison into the web constantly. Not to say they never do, but the worst offenders are typically 26 and below nowadays. Which lines up conveniently with the start of Gen Z, of course.

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    The oldest unironically woke person i've met with all the gender terms is 40-ish. I think I consider him a bit of an outlier.

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    I think it's mostly the current teenagers who believe that. It reminded me of this thread

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    That's what my friend told me, that fandom used to be a better place. I imagine there was always an element of insanity to it, given its nature, but now it's simply unbearable.

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    I mean, sure there was sometimes some silly fandom drama but nothing extreme, it was usually just a few idiots arguing with each other in the forum/comments section or occasionally make hilarious passive aggresive art or fanfic, but nobody harrased or doxxed anyone over a smallest things like it's happening now. Also, nobody demanded from artists/writers to make their "ships" and headcannons actually cannon. The whole "cancel culture" didn't exist back in the day either.

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      Yeah. I've been burned by every single person I've met through fandom - all because of woke ideology. The idea of interacting anymore with these people makes me nauseous.

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      I completely get what you're saying, it annoys me to no end, especially when it is media that seems like it shouldn't attract all that nonsense too. I stay out of fandoms nowadays. I also like writing and it seems like writer groups attract it as well, it really is annoying and I wish they'd just stop being so insistent on making everything about gender bullshit. I just want to go on groups for shows I like without hearing about how oppressed trans 'women' are or how white people suck...

      Plus whenever a character on some show isn't a complete stereotype the woke people come out of the woodwork and claim that character must not really be the gender they clearly are, like a sensitive guy or a tomboyish girl. I try to laugh and not get upset but it is so frequent now.

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      I also like writing and it seems like writer groups attract it as well

      I agree, I ran into the woke issue in a writing group. It's really the hyper liberal creatives that are some of the most susceptible to this ideology, which is unfortunate. These people call themselves 'creatives', but don't allow true diversity of thought? They cut out anyone who doesn't think EXACTLY like they do? Seems rather hypocritical to me, but whatever.

      Plus whenever a character on some show isn't a complete stereotype the woke people come out of the woodwork and claim that character must not really be the gender they clearly are, like a sensitive guy or a tomboyish girl.

      Ah yes, I seen this too. Sooooooo progressive. Lmao.

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        the villain is a akshually a kawaii transman because he doesn't look like a macho GI Joe stereotype

        Funnily enough, the retards in my old fandom trans'd one of the villains even though he is stereotypically male in every single way XD There is absolutely nothing feminine about him lmao. Hard to imagine the guy with a vagina, but sure whatever, okay.

        I look at fandom content on sites/groups that are not English speaker dominated. Even if I can't read any of it... lol.

        Honestly, I'm thinking of going the same way. Tired of dealing with these whiney western liberals. I'd rather have to use google translate to read something than constantly be bombarded with "TRANZ RIGHTS!!!!" (seriously, what rights don't they have?)

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        Okay, sorry but here's a little angry rant about porn fanfics.

        Worst thing in my opinion is when fanfic authors that write porn fics are so wrapped up in their idea that their favorite character(s) MUST be trans that they assume it to be default and therefore don't tag it appropriately. At least tagged shit can be avoided by excluding tags from search. And shit that's tagged with a tag not common enough to be exclude-able can at least be seen. But untagged trans!fics? Only thing you can do to avoid those is take a quick look through any new fic that seems worth reading first to make sure it's not one of those, and only then start reading properly.

        Annoying. Wastes time. Kills pleasure. Basically means "for a guaranteed good time just stick to rereading old stuff that you KNOW is alright".

        Gotta be extra careful with fics where robot/cyborg characters are involved, by the way. Good luck finding a text where a male robot has a dick or has nothing and uses some alternate means. Most typically he'll have both in the best case, or just a cunt in the worst case.

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          "boy vagina uwu

          God fucking damnit that is so fucking gross.

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          Yea. And if the male character wears make-up and/or dresses strangely (even if it's clearly less of "I wanna be pretty" kinda look and more of "heard of dart frogs, bright to show they're deadly? Same goes here: if you cross me, your death can and likely WILL be considered suicide.") - expect the "he must at least not consider himself fully male" idiocy.

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          My twitter feed is mostly Japanese and Korean for their art... and I'm happy with that lol.

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            Kinda wanna make a picrew just so it can be one of the only ones without a goddamn pride flag.

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            I had my first introduction to that crazy in 2015. Although, there were already toxic people before that anyway. Y'know those people who're anti-learning and would tell you to give up because you don't improve as fast as they want.

            I got that as a teen and it really sucked.

            BUT i must also say that fandom is also what helped me get back on my feet. In a way, i cultivated a fandom within a fandom. As long you're lucky to find a community that enforces pg 13 rules (i found one) there's potential to be great.

            Why pg 13? Minimal to no political discourse allowed. And if someone started getting to fiesty around the kids the mods will cut the convo.

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            I'm hesitant to find a community with "PG-13" rules because a.) it's been overwhelmingly the younger fandom goers that I've had problems with, especially with woke stuff and b.) the game my home fandom centered around was 18+, and those more mature themes are what made me appreciate it. To enjoy a rated M game in a community with PG-13 rules seems counterproductive.

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            Ah, that is true. That does make things quite difficult. Too many people have the mind of a 13 year old even though they're 18+

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            That's the problem, 13 year olds and those with the mind of a 13 year old XD Ran into plenty of those lol

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            That's how the woke propaganda machine works. They find the most influential subcultures, invade, set up shop, start shitting it up with identity politics, meanwhile gradually social-engineering their way toward a total control of the subculture. Once in power, silence all critics and dissenters. Rinse repeat.

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            That's been pretty much exactly my experience!!

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            Furries are one of the worst. Also anything popular with kids, but less groomers and more trenders.

            I'm not sure what there is to be happy and boasting about in being trans unless it's a fetish or attention-seeking. They're glorifying something that's bad enough to make 41% of its victims kill themselves; quite possibly much higher once you weed out all the trenders and groomers who made their way into that stat, who are probably the majority.

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            Furries are one of the worst.

            Yeah... I've noticed that too.

            I'm not sure what there is to be happy and boasting about in being trans unless it's a fetish or attention-seeking.

            We've created a culture that celebrates victimhood. Which is insane, because if you've actually been a victim, you don't wish you were.

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            When I first heard about furries, I thought they were a benign subculture because that's the way they were presented by the mainstream media. Now I realize I was being groomed.

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            Another thing they try to do is make the standards for being a furry ridiculously broad to normalize it. According to them 95% of the world are furries because if you like anything that has animal characters in it that makes you a furry.

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            Holy shit, for real, furries went complete bonkers. They were always the most insane and degenerate fandom but they somehow become even worse now. Like i swear, 80-90% of furries are trannies now.🤯 What the fuck happened to that fandom? Even the older furries are not happy about it at all.

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            I don't see that many trannies, they're all gay zoophiles and usually pedos who seem to think literal porn is sfw.

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            You are blind then, tons of furries trooned out and have "female" fursonas now.

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            Not gay furries?! Impossible!

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            I can’t even enjoy my ships in peace anymore without fandom Marxist Mcarthytists seeing a “power imbalance” and “exploitation” everywhere they turn.

            Is this how citizens in the Soviet Union felt? Is this the fandom equivalent of the fucking KGB?

            Marx created a fucking monster when he invented the religious ideal of “perfect equality,” I can only hope he’s currently rolling in his grave over what his ideology turned into, and if not people should spit on it for grooming entire generations of Taliban Commie Fundamentalists.

            Japan’s lucky that they have yet to be infested with Western Marxism so fandom is actually normal there, and oh how I envy them.

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            Yeah, I miss old fandoms so much, it was so chill back then. :(

            You could enjoy very weird and controversial ships like for example, Harry x Voldemort, Papa Smurf x Gargamel or Batman x Joker and nobody really gave a fuck or call it "problematic" and declare a damn internet jihad against you. siiiiigh

            Also, I envy Japanese fandoms too, they can do and create whatever they bloody wants and nobody "cancels" them.( well, with exception of screeching westerners on Twitter but fortunately they don't give a single fuck about crazy opinions of entitled gaijins.)

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            Yeah that's how it is for me too. I just want to enjoy my one ship that I love above all others, but it's Problematic TM and I'm a Bigot TM for shipping these poor innocent fictional characters. That's LATERLLY worse than Hitler.

            Japan’s lucky that they have yet to be infested with Western Marxism so fandom is actually normal there, and oh how I envy them.

            Damn I envy them too. I wonder if things will ever be less horrible for Western fandom in the future.

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            Ignore the screeching snowflakes and just enjoy your favorite ship. What they can do to you? Cancel you to death? At this point, being called a bigot is a compliment, really. They have power over you only because you let them, just ignore them.

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            They have power over you only because you let them, just ignore them.

            Yeah you're right. I think I'm still just hurting a bit because I recently lost all of my fandom friends over gender ideology. Hopefully with more time I'll learn to ignore it.

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            I'm way too old for this latest thing . I still don't understand the whole "shipping" vs "anti" debate is. Seems to be trouble with younger folks.

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            The debate is based on their idea of "fiction = reality". So if they see a couple that they consider 'unhealthy' a.k.a problematic, they automatically assume anyone who likes that pairing endorses 'abuse' in real life, whatever that abuse means for them.

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            It's not just media fandoms. There was a whole thing in 2019 in the online knitting community. Just a place where people who like knitting would share patterns, images of things they had made, give each other advice about their projects, etc. It all fell apart because a woman was excited to take a trip to India.

            In 2020 the biggest online rollerskating community erupted into insane levels of wokeness because a skater posted a video of George Floyd being killed on a Facebook group and a moderator removed it because it wasn't about rollerskating. Shit kicked off and the admin of the group, a very popular at the time youtuber, defended the moderator and that was it. Her career was over, she lost her business, lost her real life friends who cut her off to not get dragged down with her. Various off-shoot groups set up from the 20k strong group she had set up. They all devolved into crazy in fighting. The admins all introduced rules where posts needed to be reviewed by a moderator before being posted. Stupid rules were introduced about everything needing trigger warnings. And as a result all the discussion died. It was fucking surreal to see happen and years on, those hobby groups still exist, still have thousands of members but nobody bothers to interact anymore. It's actually really fucking sad.

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            years on, those hobby groups still exist, still have thousands of members but nobody bothers to interact anymore.

            That is really really sad. People gather into these fandoms to celebrate something they mutually love, but then it all falls apart because of woke shit.

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            All the time. Just about every big name creator of fan content in certain fandoms at least has pronouns in the bio, and at conventions you're very likely to find vendors selling pride flag/pronoun themed merch. Gender ideology has almost become a fandom of it's own at this point, only with none of the fun parts. I've been cancelled before too by fandom people I thought were friends for saying a man with his dick out clearly isn't a woman

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            I've never been into fandoms, even though I'm a huge Trekkie. Those kinds of communities innately lend themselves to tribalism, and the internet has exacerbated those tendencies. Besides, I always thought fanfictions were pervy and awful.

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            I noticed that as well, lurking in Nintendo fandoms since a long time I can't help but feel depressed on how bad have they became. In a few time it became the privileged place for wokies.

            Besides being the birthplace of that "x said Trans Rights" meme, there's a tiny but relatively significative example: before the whole George Floyd incident, almost nobody drawn Princess Daisy tanned, maybe as a form of "wokeism" or "representation"(?) in an innocent game like Mario. The worst thing is that Nintendo, instead of fixing other way important things, decided to go along and tan Daisy as well.