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Twitter is following reddit by desperately defending child groomers because they are a protected class on that website and it's groomerphobic to call them out

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I'm not suprised in the slightest, Twitter is basically a hub for pedo communities from the entire world, just like Preddit and Discord.

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For fuck sake. Groomer is not an anti-LGBT slur. But when you insist that it is, you make it look like all gay people are paedophiles. Do liberals think these things through?

Whatever. I don’t use Twitter. I only created a Twitter account because a module in my course in college required every student to have on. I deleted it in 2017 after I graduated. Sadly, too many people are using Twitter. Including a majority of libertarians who only use Twitter and don’t bother use alternatives like Gab, Minds or Telegram. I have zero sympathy for people who only use big tech sites and then get banned.

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They are literally reinforcing 1990s homophobia.

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And they are too arrogant to recognise it.

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Tbh I wouldn't've thought of it as an anti LGBT slur until these companies started pushing that narrative.

Guess I've been using it wrong when i've been using it for paedos.

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They'll ban hetero pedos, but leave the trans groomers alone.

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Suddenly all pedos identify as trans, and nobody has a clue why.

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So not only have these platforms deliberately conflated 'grooming' with the LGBT+++, they've made the LGBT label a protective cover for actual predators.

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It is bad for Twitter since you can truly track down groomers of various kind there and banning this word only uplifts these people. It's ironically so homophobic and transphobic of them to think a groomer applies to gay and trans people, who are just decent people also opposing grooming. Dark times.