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The problem here is that you're trying to use reasoning and logic against an ideology that is, by its very nature, unreasonable and illogical. Moreover, it is psychological and emotional. These people are not arguing on the basis of good sense. They think that males and females are synonymous. I tried telling ex-friends about the differences in male and female physiology. Their response is just to say "I disagree". Which of course, makes about sense as disagreeing with the fact that humans are typically born with two eyes, four limbs, and five fingers on each hand. They do not listen to science, they do not listen to truth. Believe me, I've tried. Arguing with these twats is worse than arguing with a wall, because at least the wall isn't trying to change the definition of woman.

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Agreed. These people are part of a cult. They will only understand reality when it hits them in the mutilated crotch.

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These people are not arguing on the basis of good sense. They think that males and females are synonymous.

Believe it or not, but transactivists don't think this is the case at all, otherwise the whole concept of transgenderism wouldn't make sense.

What transactivists believe is that male/female are identities arbitrarily assigned into people. They think the only standard to classify someone as male or a female should be how they identify themselves.

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Bruh when I tell TRAs that there are differences between males and females, aka sexual dimorphism, they deny it. They absolutely do believe that, and it's their whole justification for letting males in female sports, bathrooms, and changing rooms. Also, you claiming that these people caring about transgenderism "making sense" is hilarious, considering pretty much the whole damn movement lacks sense. That was the whole point of my comment, that the trans movement is unreasonable and illogical.

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Just don't hire them. They are more trouble than they are worth.

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I avoid these people. Simple as that.

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A lot of companies that aren't totally woke are avoiding these people as best they can.

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I don't blame them.

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Their reponse is "identifying as one", or at the very least "feeling like one". You aren't allowed to bring up biology at all, they insist that it's all a social construct and that you're a fascist if you disagree.

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And you get 200+ new messages on Preddit. Try it once, it's fun.

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They'll also mass report you.

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Then hit back with transgender is a social construct and holds no ground too.

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That's the thing, to them social constructs are very important. They're socialist, everything rightfully belongs to society in their eyes.

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They'll have a 3 page word salad answer by a bot on Twitter explaining what a woman is. I actually saw that there.

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So did i

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I'm pretty sure that account isn't even a bot.

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No, they called the bot in a Twitter thread. The bot responded to the call. Saw it for myself.

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There is no argument that will work to counter them.

People like this cannot be argued with. They start with the conclusion they've decided is true- in the snarts' case, that conclusion being "I, personally, am a woman"- and work backwards from that conclusion. By working backwards, any fact that fits the conclusion is 100% the truth, and anything that does not fit it is inconsequential. They already made their decision and nothing will change it, because to change it would mean they might not be the prettiest princess in all of Christendom.

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O' my lad. If you think there is an "argument" against this, then you don't understand how far has the situation gotten. It's all mental gymnastics and doublethink at this point. A quintessence of cope.

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It's penis or vagina. But these people don't understand logic. That's what insanity is all about. This is why it's better not to associate with these freaks.

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Typically the best strategy is simply to ask questions and then let them talk and express their own views however they want without giving much hostility or argument on them. Just keep them talking and ask them to give more details and they'll get frustrated and angry when they can't give coherent explanations which makes them look bad, or they'll give something insane which makes them look bad, or they'll refuse to answer at all which makes them look bad.

Really all you have to do is let them talk. What does "indentifying as a woman" mean for you? If being a woman isn't reliant on biology, then what does it mean to identify as one? What are the characteristics of a woman?