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The comic was woke for its day but I still consider it damn good. The show, though? I really don't understand why they'd undermine their artistic integrity this way. A token is still a token and don't tell us it isn't. Anyway, if you're going to go that way, like I've posted before, be fucking consistent. If Death is black, well, so are the rest of the Endless because they're family. But of course you can't do that because that's not really how this works, is it. So brave.

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If Death is black, well, so are the rest of the Endless because they're family. But of course you can't do that because that's not really how this works, is it. So brave.

Shit, if you want to be woke- they're the Endless. Make each one of them a different race, and make the real message "...they're the Endless. They're the embodiment of different aspects of life. OF COURSE they'd each be a different race; that's a part of life too!", and you get the same message, only you do it in an even more powerful way to really hammer it home.

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Yeah, but that would actual equality, not the sort that favors their (the creators') extra most specialest minorities. And that sort of equality went out the window and into the burn pile around the time that Obama got his first term.

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BUT, it also promotes Netflix equality of "we know damn well that woke viewers are ultimately just mindless sheep who'll pay us 20 bucks a month to baa when they see a sheep that looks like them or wants to have sex with things they want to have sex with", while also making sure you get almost no BAD complainers- the ones who'll get you fired.

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Well there's also the fact that they're a different race or animal depending on who they interact with.

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The comic might have been woke for it's day but that was never enough to satisfy people.

When they had a transvestite character who died heroically it was all "oh my god, I can believe they kill off all the minority characters because 'they are just too good for this cruel world."

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    ? What do you mean showing gay sex is a lie?

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    Maybe he means it's not really sex unless there's a chance of a baby?

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      So, I guess you feel that women over 50 should be celibate? Men too as even though they still produce sperm at that age, it's quality has usually degraded significantly and the chances of healthy conception are actually pretty low.

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      We really need to bring back the campy shit that wasn't explicitly gay.

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      I just finished reading The Graveyard Book today. It's a shame Gaiman is such a woker irl. You can kinda see it in that book too tbh, since he made sure the reader knows the MC's only human friend is black.

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      Tbf the Sandman is not nearly as woke as it could have been and I was expecting much worse from Neil Wokeman. But that's probably because the show sticks pretty close to the original comics and they were wrote in the late 80s/ early nineties

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      Neil Wokeman :))) that's a good one

      I'll give the show a chance then. Thanks for making this post.

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      I haven't finished it yet, but I'm still enjoying the show despite the token blacks and lezzie sex. I thought it was funny that all the demons in hell were scary black men. Are they poking fun at what they're doing?

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      Lol god no. These people have no self awareness

      It's also a bit funny that one of the villains is a gay serial killer. By woke standard's, that's considered violent homophobia

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      He's a typical lefty hypocrite though.

      He abandoned his wife and kids during covid because he's such a terrible dad but thinks he can tell everyone else right from wrong.

      Likely such people like writing morally grey characters because it helps them make excuses for their own poor behaviour.

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      I read 2 books by this guy and I didn't see morally grey characters, they're pretty firmly divided into good guys/bad guys. I like morally grey characters, but they're hard to write.

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      Ive quit watching mainstream tv and movies. Not worth it to support that stuff.

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      Me too. A while ago I made a list of old classic shows, movies, and books. I go back to that whenever I need some new material. New stuff is no better than what they were making back in the 90s, and there's a nearly infinite stockpile of already-produced media, so no reason to give money to this new class of woke mass-market garbage. Honestly we could just stop making media now, there's already far more than anyone could consume in a lifetime. Marketing is the only reason people watch new stuff.

      I also enjoy some modern foreign movies. Korea produces good dramas, France has good war movies, and Russian music has a unique sound. Also places that haven't been infected by wokeness...

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      17 percent in the US

      14% in 2019, 12.4% in 2020.

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      I remember when I used to think that America was 50 percent black because of all the talk about the black americans

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      Which is common and works out bad for black people because white people then assume it's fine for them to stick to black businesses, clubs, etc as there must be as much opportunity there as in white orgs.

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      Just finished the show there. Pretty good overall except for the last episode. And apart from the black-washing, the gay-washing and the female washing, it's not woke at all

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      I just finished watching the third episode, and I'm out. I loved the comics, and I don't particularly care about the race swap stuff that some people are up in arms about. Episode 1 had me hopeful it would get better, but ep 2 was worse, and ep 3 worse still. The actors seem to be kinda phoning it in and the episodes feel like they're written by an 18 year old who's trying to imagine what a 40 year old professional would write like.

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      See, I knew something was fishy with this show. (Sorry for late response, new to Saidit)

      I've yet to read the comics but for some reason I thought to myself while watching this show that something felt off about the casting. It sounds racist as hell I know but I just couldn't help but feel like there were just...too many, you know? Even with the Death character, granted I don't know what the comic character is like but she didn't really embody what I'd imagine the way the others did, and her presence in that flashback was emblematic of that.

      God damnit. Lol. I really want to like this show, and I do, but urgh.