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Longtime LGBDropTheT member here. Not at all convinced that we're a minority-- our sub was around 20K strong when Reddit axed it (for not kissing the T's ring).

So of course all you see online is LGB support for the TQ+... cuz the tech overlords ban everything else!

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r/SuperStraight rose to 28K in 9 days before it was banned. The majority of people are done with TQ+ and their nonsense.

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Quick question, what’s happened to LGBDropTheT here on SaidIt?

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You need an invite to join.

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Can i get a poll that shows most gays are against this?The only thing i herd was support for trans rights dropped when the controversy surrounding them in sports became popular.

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Can i get a poll that shows most gays are against this?

Probably not, given that the LGB are (and have been for some time now) under siege by the TQ+ Pod People (in an Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake that no one wanted). Our major organizations have been trans-captured; they now represent THEM, not us. And in fact make it their business to attack us at the bidding of their new masters. Gay and bi people (particularly lesbians) are mostly keeping their heads down, at least when in public, trying not to draw any more trans-fire than we already are.

Look at it this way, though: what is "trans" short for? Transgender. Meaning the belief that "gender" is of paramount importance, overriding biological sex.

Gender is where the stigmatization of same-sex attraction comes from. And if gender overrides sex... what happens to gay (and bi) people, whose very identity is based on biological sex? (Your own sex + that of those to whom you're attracted = your sexual orientation.) How can gay people resist pressure from straight people to fuck them, once "gay" has been redefined as "attracted to the same gender"?

Does this sound like something that gay people would support to you?

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This guy speaks the truth. It fucks over everything and previously gay organisations are all-in on tq+.

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You’re better off looking around Ovarit

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Go on the main LGBT subreddit

Because they ban and censor everyone who disagrees with trans shit. Many LGB people aren't very vocal about wanting to drop the T because that will invite a lot of harassment and bullying.

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Also 95% of the people on r/LGBT are either trans or larpers, so that's a moot point.

Even /lgbt/ on 4chan has gained the nickname /tttt/ because of it's trans overpopulation.

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Even /lgbt/ on 4chan has gained the nickname /tttt/ because of it's trans overpopulation.

Most of that is overspill from /r9k/

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Most of that is overspill from /r9k/

At last I truly see

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If you count all these "I'm a genderfluid asexual hypersexual ayeee/ayeeeee person that likes straight lesbians of color on Wednesdays" as gay people, then yes, you're right.

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IF you're right, the most logical answer:

All activists know- the second your group becomes equal, the gravy train is over, you'll stop getting Venmoed just for existing, and you have to go get a real job.

Gay marriage was seen as the "okay, show's over, go get a real job" moment, so the activists who refused to went a letter down to trans for "nope, still gotta fight, mom! Can't marry you now, honey, I'm a part of an important cause!"

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I'd say there are a few different groups, each with different motivations. What you mentioned is definitely a part of it, keeping the gravy train of various charities going. Those people can go fuck themselves.

Then there are the "I'm alright, Jacks". The ones who really know it's bullshit, and will likely change their tune the second switching sides will get them more social credit. These are often married or elder gay men and lesbians. The ones that know chanting TWAW/TMAM won't ever affect them, because they'll never be expected to prove they believe it ("Sleep with a trans man? Oh, not me. I'm married"). They can also go fuck themselves

Then there are the ones who have for lack of a better word been hoodwinked. They've been told it's exactly the same as the fight for gay rights, and they haven't done enough reflection to realise it not only isn't, but is in fact an actively homophobic movement. The problem is when the T was first added, there was some legitimacy to it, since at the time most of the people we'd think of as old school transsexuals were gay men with internalised homophobia. And that's the image that comes to these people's minds when people say "It's exactly the same. They fought for your rights, dontcha know?"

And then there are the ones who are just plain scared to speak out. As things gradually move, we'll probably see more of these people speaking up. The problem is they'll also provide a convenient shield for the second group, who'll claim that they were also simply too scared.

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And then there are the ones who are just plain scared to speak out. As things gradually move, we'll probably see more of these people speaking up. The problem is they'll also provide a convenient shield for the second group, who'll claim that they were also simply too scared.

I don't know if this is a driving factor but I know it is at least part of the story. The reason r/LGBT is such a sickening hugbox is that if you contradict the narrative you'll find yourself quickly silenced and banned. I tried to say something recently on r/mpx about how gay men should be curtailing anonymous promiscuous sex and I was very quickly banned with a message telling me that I was "irresponsible" (for being a gay man who was providing "ammunition to the other side", although tbf I might have chosen my words more carefully when I wrote my initial comment).

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While you're right, the gravy train group is heading off the cliff for gay rights, because we're seeing the "savvy people trying to stay employed as activists who see trans rights go head to the "NO ONE CAN SUPPORT THIS" moment of MAPs.

The activists are happy- since no person with a soul can support pedophiles, they get to fight forever and never get a job. Every person who is a sane gay person? They WILL get brushback if this takes hold, and IT WON'T BE PRETTY.

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That's my fear too.

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It comes down to the intelligence of the individual. I'm a lesbian, and I've seen a fair few lesbians go down the gender hole. But just as many were against it/had no interest in it. We've been forced out of spaces that were technically made for us, not that I personally ever was involved in any. I've mostly had hetero people I knew take the TRA stance.. I chalk it up to people being stupid/ignorant/crazy desire to be liked and virtue signal

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Where is the evidence for this?

You know I could ask you the same thing, don't you?

Go on the main LGBT subreddit and type in anything trans related and you'll see lots of gays supporting transgenders.

Go to r/AskGayBros and see how they treat your average troon. You be very surprised with what you'll see.

My question is why is the trans movement the hill gays are willing to die on?

Most of them don't care, and even the ones who do aren't very invested on it either.

They, like most normies, still think most MtFs are HSTS and not straight males with AGP.

I did hear that the biggest fantasy a gay guy has is turning a straight man gay,and if they can push straight guys to date trans women then they're one step closer to asking a guy"If you date a guy that thinks he's a woman then why not date me"?

MtFs and gay men don't get along with each other since the 70s.

Also, are the gays the ones pushing for straight men to date MtFs?

I mean, this whole genital preference shit started with straight male AGPs trying to insert their shenis on lesbians, so yeah.

It's not like this bs doesn't effect straight males, but it's impossible to deny TRAs are way less aggressivee in their rhetoric when the subject is straight males.

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Go on the main LGBT subreddit and type in anything trans related and you'll see lots of gays supporting transgenders.

That's because they've banned everyone who speaks against the narrative, silly.

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If you date a guy that thinks he's a woman then why not date me"?

I respond to this the same way I respond to transpeople who make the same argument. I won't date you because you are ugly.

On the inside.

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Honestly, any man knowingly & willingly sexually attracted to or dating a transwoman (male) is gay or bisexual, by definition alone. Nothing wrong with that, but for the umpteenth time, that man is not a heterosexual male. I don't care about "feminine" energy, surgical procedures made to make a male appear as a woman or whatnot. It's the sex part that makes the sex act between two males a homosexual act. Transwomen (males) will never have a vagina, an inverted scrotum & penis is not & will never be a vagina. These people are so delusional that now saying as a heterosexual male, that you don't want penis of any kind (inverted or not), is "genital discrimination". This is pure evil & sick & delusional. Again, a lot of trans individuals seem to not know how sex & sexual orientation works.

End of my rant, but I see your point in your statement. Just hate that adults don't know how sex works, but we are talking about "adult" males who believe they're really women, so, not surprised.

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Honestly, any man knowingly & willingly sexually attracted to or dating a transwoman (male) is gay or bisexual, by definition alone.

Most chasers also go for feminine males eho id as men, by the way. This makes their protestations about being true and honest straight people even more sad.

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Any man who fucks a transwoman is bisexual. Straight men aren’t into transwomen because transwomen are male. This is before you get into the fact that transwomen, being men, cannot get pregnant and don’t have vaginas. Gay men aren’t into transwomen because we don’t want to use female pronouns when describing our partners, and it’s not pleasant seeing a handsome man turn into a man who looks like a woman. Hell, most bisexual men don’t want to date or even have sex with transwomen because trans people are delusional. The type of bisexual men who want to date trans women are either anything that moves (like Cristian XXX), or want to have boobs and dick at the same time (Blaire White's boyfriend Joey).

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Hell you have to separate people that just happen to be gay from gay activists, also don't overlook funding for gay orgs because I think stonewall here in the UK started to pivot round about the time gay marriage became legal and frankly some of the people that were the most scathing when a tory lead government made that happen out of the blue were gay activists.

Got have something to keep the gravy and victimhood trains running.

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Also a hell of a lot of male gay rights campaigners, like Tatchell, are mostly concerned about having the right to cruise wherever and whenever they like. They see the push for trans rights (which is basically a bunch of guys living their fetish and forcing others to join in) as a trojan horse to get all public kink and sex accepted.

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Tatchell wants worse than that. He was involved with PIE back in the day and his views don't seem to have changed in the interim.

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He was involved with PIE

I'm scared, but I have to ask. What is that?

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The Paedophile Information Exchange. A paedophilia advocacy group, who managed to earn cross party support in the UK back in the day, including some still active politicians. I still don't understand how advocating for a group of literal paedophiles isn't a career ender, but that's politics. Even if you try to play the line that you were misled, you still allowed yourself to be misled by paedophiles.

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Sick. I knew it was bad, so I am not surprised. Peter Tachtell wanted to lower the age of consent to 14. It’s as if 16 isn’t low enough. That should give you a warning that this man is a depraved creature.

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In the same way that, say, Trudeau can't actually know that all the people who don't like him are racists, I think that saying gay people as a group either do or don't like transies is missing the point. There are going to be some who support the "T" trend and some who don't. The concept that trans are a useful step towards gay men having sex with an endless stream of straight men just seems like conspiracy theorizing to me.

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Most gay men are completely unaware of AGPs and ROGD. The trans people that gay men encounter in their media and social circle tend to be the HSTS type who are largely unproblematic. My millennial gay friends who are pro-trans simply aren't aware of the extent to which straight male fetishists have colonized the trans community and don't follow the trans debate closely.

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Most HSTS have personal disorders, hate women, are homophobic and are very much in favour of medically transitioning children.

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The homophobic part is true. Why else would a gay man want to be a woman? He knows he can never be attracted to men, but he wants his relationship with another man to be accepted by his community. Which it won’t, because people know he’s a man. When he dies, his family will put his original name on his grave. On top of that, straight men will still see him as a man, and he will be competing against actual women and other gay/bi men for bisexual men.

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The way I see it is this:

Gays and lesbians started supporting trans people because they thought they were oppressed. But years later, now that trans people want gays and lesbians to have sex with them, they have realized what a mistake it was to include them in the flag. So, gay people NOW want nothing to do with trans people, but this wasn't true in the past.

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I’m gay and I want nothing to do with transgenders. But I am aware that I am in the minority. Most gay people, like most normies, don't see any danger with transgenderism. You could argue that most gay people understand that mutilating children's bodies is wrong, but most gay people don’t see anything wrong with an adult going around believing he’s the opposite sex.