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Very little of this actually happened. You're welcome.

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Yeah if this dude was really having mental breakdowns every day and multiple suicide attempts with soldiers having to intervene, he'd have been discharged by now.

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Exactly. He would have been discharged after the first suicide attempt. Let alone the second. Too much liability.

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Yup and if I was his fellow soldier, there's no f*ing way I'm going to trust this guy with my life in any military scenario

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If I was his fellow soldier, I’d ask my sergeant to never be assigned to the same mission as him. Fuck that.

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Why do so many of them have military experience?

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Because AGPs really are very conventionally masculine in personality and interests, I think. Stuff like the military naturally attracts them.

That's what makes them AGP in the first place, apparently: they have an erotic-humiliation fetish, and, since they totally buy into gender-roles-- men are superior, women are inferior-- what could be more humiliating (thus hawt) for them than... 'feminization'? But this wouldn't work unless they actually knew they were (and identified as) traditionally-defined men, would it? Because womanhood isn't humiliating for women in their eyes; we have no superior status to lose, after all... there's no place lower for us to go than where we already are.

It's like a billionaire CEO dude paying for a dominatrix to call him a little worm. The only reason he gets a thrill out of it... is that he knows perfectly well he's actually not.

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That makes a lot of sense.

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The military severely fucks up peoples' minds. Perhaps it can cause GD-like symptoms, or weaken someones' mental health so if they have it mild they can't manage it anymore when they could before.

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False. The actual answer is the USA is so desperate for new recruits they even let sickos in

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In the years leading up to Don't Ask Don't Tell getting repealed, there were gay soldiers and marines who were being outed but still kept their jobs because there weren't enough recruits and too many servicemen leaving as soon as their contracts were up. Bradley Manning for instance made little to no effort to hide the fact he is gay when he was in the military and he remained a soldier until he exposed some of the US government's power levels.

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Bradley Manning

I just looked him up and discovered he trooned out recently lol

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He did. He’s a headcase. But even a headcase can see that the US federal government is fucked up.

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Then why is there no draft? And why would trans people be drawn to it?

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Then why is there no draft?

Because the last time the draft was used - for Vietnam - there was large-scale public backlash. Instead the military entices young people with free healthcare and a free third level education.

Besides, the military does not necessarily need a draft anyway. It does not exist to defend America's existence. It exists to expand and defend the Global American Empire and generate revenue for Lockeed Martin and Ratheon.

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And why would trans people be drawn to it?

Tricare. While it doesn't (typically) cover surgery, it will cover hormone treatments.

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Even the government knows a "draft" would be pointless.

...and 71% of 'draft-age males' are unfit to even be drafted due to:

those who are obese, those who lack a high school diploma or a GED, convicted felons, those taking prescription drugs for ADHD and those with certain tattoos and ear gauges

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False. The actual answer is the USA is so desperate for new recruits they even let sickos in

Yes and no, because most of these troons already served in the past and trooned out only after they got out.

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Because troons all have very old-fashioned ideas about gender roles.

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Free healthcare. Also, troons who are not fully delusional yet think that joining the military will prove that they're not crazy. Then it turns out they're among the runts in their squad.

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Not sure if it's "prove they're not crazy" and more an example of that paradox of "if a man doesn't feel masculine enough and wants to prove they are, they cloak themselves in hyper-masculinity to show they are a man" (no different to that Village People-esque section of the '70s gay scene using masculine costumes.)

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Assuming any of this is true, it's just way too sad to be funny. Seriously, these people are mentally broken and they're so deep in this cultish mentality that they'd rather just take their life than accept that their fantasy life/world will never be real.

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I'd agree, except there's the non-zero chance the person was told "threaten to take your life and you'll get what you want from people", which became "they won't give you your have to take one for the team so that people will believe we will if we don't get our way."

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Why are these people in the army.

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Because troons believe to be a man you must be GI Joe and to be a woman you must be Barbie and anyone else must be an enby or some xenogender.

So when they haven't developed their fetish yet they join the army.

They aren't around women much so they use porn to much.

They get stressed so look for male-sub porn where the man doesn't have to think or take responsibility.

Then they start watching sissy porn and develop autogynephilia.

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Men who are predisposed to trooning tend to enlist to the military as a last ditch effort to affirm their masculinity.

Needless to say, most of the time, it doesn't work very well and they end up trooning anyway.

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Can't imagine why his behaviour isn't getting him everything he wants all the time.

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Our adversaries are laughing themselves into immobility over this.

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That's our secret weapon. We send in the elite futa Ultimate Winning Unit (UwU) and take them out while they're incapacitated.

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Except all the enemy has to do is misgender them and the futas will have a collective nervous breakdown.

Russian/Chinese/etc. troops: "Lookin' real MANLY there bro!"

UwU troops: "I feel unsafe! YOU WANT ME TO DIE!!! Transphobe! Bigot! TERF! REEEEE" (self-harming and frantic attempts to get the big meanies perma-banned from Reddit & Twitter ensue)

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BUT, these are the people who are so blatantly angry at the world the only thing stopping them from an atrocity is the lack of a weapon to do it with. If they suddenly have large weapons and they have this breakdown, they can and will shoot everything they see, possibly including the rest of their side.

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Except all the enemy has to do is misgender them and the futas will have a collective nervous breakdown.

Nah, if they react with the same overwhelming violence they do when 'TERFs' so much as breath in their direction they might not be a total waste of space.

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I don't really know that this is lolcow material, this time it sounds like the gender dysphoria is actually causing the depression and suicidal thoughts. Anime isn't mentioned, and it usually is if they're faking it. But you never do know the full story.

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seems like a solid candidate for section 8 but what do i know

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Why are there so many trannies in the military all of a sudden?

In my country you have to pass a bunch of psychological tests to get into the military and the police. Isn't that the case for US too?

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I'm sure it’s normally the case in the US, but there are a lot of cracks for Troons to slip through. Especially ever since Biden came to power.

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Most of these AGPs troon out after they get out of service.

They see the military as a way to embrace their masculinity and overcompensate for their trooning out desires and sissy fetish.

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Thank you for your service, sir

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I go to therapy literally every single week and beg my therapist(s) to send out the shit saying i'm good enough to transition but they still just outright refuse. It's so fucking stupid

And this is exactly why they are refusing to clear you. This begging and demanding is showing instability. You aren't going to therapy, you're going to a therapist to beg for a quick fix. Maybe talk to the therapist, let them do their job and if you're legit then they will ok you.

But reading this dudes post, the suicidal threat... they are NOT stable.