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Buuu—uuut I really, really, really want to be interesting and not a monster like all those other, ugh, straight, bleh, white, eurgh, people.

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Why can't they just admit that they are straight? As a lesbian I find it so fucking weird that people think it's "cool" to label themselves lesbian and continue to date men, and play make believe like he's a woman.

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Because that would just make them another boring straight couple. To paraphrase Paul Mooney "Everyone wants to be queer, but nobody wants to be homosexual". These people are happy to adopt the label to make themselves interesting, knowing full well they'll never have to face any of the actual implications of being gay. They'll never have to not hold hands in certain neighbourhoods, they'll never be at risk of a gay bashing. Because to all outside observers they are very obviously a straight couple.

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you hit the nail on the head

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It annoys me a little that the original meaning of snowflake, not just weak and melting but also the most special, unique individual, got lost.

That's exactly the problem with most queer folx. They can't admit they aren't more special or important than anyone else and that contributes to their fragility.

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Because they’ve either never gone to therapy, or they’ve only ever seen quack therapists who enable this, because any psychiatrist worth their salt will always emphasize 2 things: NEVER get caught up in labels, and NEVER look to drugs as a long-term solution for emotional distress.

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Straight girls have always liked LARPing as lesbians. They just do it from SJW ideology now, under the guide of being non-binary or whatever.

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That "non-men" definition remains one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Why would you define yourself by why you (and your sexual partners) aren't?

Makes me think of the no-Homers club.

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When everything in the current year is saying a specific demographic is the root cause of every thing wrong with the world, why wouldn’t you make sure that everyone knows you aren’t really a member of/attracted to that demographic?

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So, women and dudes with a feminization fetish?

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Are these people real?

Anyway, I get the impression lesbians are the ones getting the most encroachment by idpol/gendergoblins. Gays get it too but only by a tiny fraction it seems. The ever-migrating lesbian subreddit phenomenon seems to support this. Must be hard being a lesbian today.

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He's a smooth operator.

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I love how people with multiple pronouns don’t even follow the logic of “subject/object/possessive”. Just “subject/subject/subject” ad infinitum. Really gets wonky with neos when you have no idea how they’re supposed to decline.

First 12th century Vikings axe every other case in Old English because it was too complicated for them, and now these people can’t even handle pronouns, literally the only remnant in modern English with case declensions, despite pronouns making up like 46% of their personalities.

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No, you dumbass bitch.🤦‍♀️ You are a hetero woman, living in hetero relationship with a hetero man. There's nothing lesbian about you.

My fucking god, im so tired of this shit. Which each day this world is getting more and more retarded.

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    According to sjw groomers, yes.

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    The spicy straights are at it again!

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    If its woman + none man why is there a man right fucking there