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b-but the showrunner wrote pickle rick!

jk the podcast she did with dan harmon was a fucking nightmare. just him apologizing on behalf of all whites for racism for an hour at a time.

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    i like to think he's a naturally more morally ambivalent and interesting person but he's been on a tightrope ever since that thing with him trying to fuck one of his writers so he's beholden to whatever social cause people want to use him for

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      i'm not giving you my mom's number

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      Some men pay good money for that kind of treatment.

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      she also stepped on his puny little weasel balls

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      That's an extra

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      Be sure to share your review in Rotten Tomatoes, it is currently being bombed by 5 star reviews. Edit: oooh, it’s dropped to 67% from a high 80s earlier this morning. It’s not going well for the green girl.

      Did they emasculate Hulk completely, or did they leave him a dangling flap of skin? Not that Mark Ruffalo would notice, I’m fairly sure he autocastrated years ago.

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      She-hulk is better than him in every single way. The show is dripping in misandry. Pretty much every scene had some form of a put down for a man

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      How cringey was the Captain America is a virgin thing? I’ve seen a heavily edited version of the scene and I just don’t know how writers thought that that was anything other than shit, I thought maybe the full scene might make sense. I really don’t want to give the show viewing figures, so I’m going to exploit your sacrifice as far as I can.

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      The entire scene itself is dogshit. Hulk gets cut and dribbles a bit of blood on her and suddenly she turns into she hulk. Her entire origin story takes about five minutes

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      Ahh, doesn’t Banner give her a blood transfusion to save her in the comic? They have a rule at Disney now don’t they that no woman or girl can be saved by a man (even 10 year old Leia was annoyed at being saved by Obi-wan and claimed she was doing it herself iirc), so I guess they had to change that.

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      Yeah in the old comics, it was a blood transfusion that caused the transformation. He hesitated at first, but he was the only available candidate at the time. Probably matching blood types.

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      I've looked at some of the stills from the show, and she's looking like a worse version of Fiona from Shrek.

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      Don’t slander the legend that is Fiona from shrek

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      Stay away from capeshit

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      Green tits and ass. /s/idfuckher

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      Chyna did not get railed in green body paint for She-Hulk to be disrespected like this

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      I actually liked it. I didn't like the whole "women feel anger and fear all the time" because that's just dumb. As if the only thing making you mad is men. eyeroll Now if they get too much more of that in future episodes, I'll be dropping it. As for the way she treated Hulk, I mean, they're cousins. Close family tends to be asses to each other.

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      I've had women get pissed at me for suggesting they see a psychiatrist for their anxiety disorder when they say they are scared of going outside because it's not safe for women.

      Look it's less safe for women, I get that, but you're going to cower at home all the time and get nothing done? Or you going to seek treatment for your anxiety disorder and stop being a useless drain on society?

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      Agreed. I've had my mom wring her hands about me going places alone, but I just can't function that way. Now she does have anxiety problems that she's dealing with. I told her I might as well live in a Middle Eastern country if I'm going to wait for my male relatives to escort me everywhere.

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      Yeah it's fucking insane how far some people let their anxiety restrict their lives.

      Like life isn't safe, you've got to be cautious. But even the smallest amount of street smarts and situational awareness will get you out of most problems. Don't get shit faced drunk. Don't trust random strangers. Avoid certain sketchy areas alone by yourself at night. But this isn't woman exclusive advice at all, they are just at higher risk, men have similar problems but too a lesser degree.

      But I swear some women I've met are like hermits. They are so scared of going out in public they don't. Maybe on the middle east they have a good reason, since they'll be arrested or worse, but not in the west.

      Take reasonable precautions and don't ignore danger, but being aware of it means you can easily avoid most of it.

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      Black Panther was the only piece of woke media I actually liked.