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Fucking jew. Every single time.

He is quick to blame actual Americans, but ignores the lobbying done by certain corporations to ensure public transit remains underdeveloped so that people remain dependent on vehicles.

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If I recall, CA also spent money they did not have on a train to nowhere. It never came to be and that money has now been spent, or embezzled.

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Of course the Jews were kicked off of their farms in Eastern Europe and had to flee to big cities. Seems like he's trying to rewrite that history as "my family are metropolitan because it's good for society."

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Scratch a liberal and wound a fascist.

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Scratch u/jet199 and a kike cries

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This is the idiot who wrote "Why We Love Sociopaths" - there's a great takedown of it here.

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As someone who lives in Russia, where public transport is everywhere and widespread and there's nowhere you can't travel by foot, I was surprised to find out that some buildings in US are only reachable by car. Maybe that is to blame, along with the total joke of US public transportation. But no, it's the rural guys who drive once in a week to the store to get food. And forced relocation is also good for us all, amirite?

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But no, it's the rural guys who drive once in a week to the store to get food. And forced relocation is also good for us all, amirite?

Well, have you not considered that if he supports moving all the people in rural farmland to the city, he clearly believes food comes from the store? Checkmate, conservatives...

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I saw this gem in the replies:

It's not 1955 anymore

Well, yes, it's not 1955 anymore. Technology advanced so far that food magically stocks itself up on shelves at the store. Wonders of modernity.

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Do you really think all or even most rural towns are farming towns?

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Not all rural is farming but all farming is rural.

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Not to mention you need a rural setting for forestry, extraction of resources mandates certain heavy industries.

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There's are more to food production than just farming.

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The majority of rural towns in the U.S. are not involved with food production.

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Rural people grow their own food and do trade with other rural people. Urban and suburban people get their food from rural people. This Adam Kotsko fella is dumb.

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In the U.S., rural people get their food from Walmart and only trade drugs with each other. This is the majority of rural towns.

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It's because of niggers. Nobody wants to ride public transport full of niggers.

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Because people who live in the countryside don't do anything there.

They just like the scenery.

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No. Rural people do a lot of walking because the remote areas in which they live are safe to walk on. They grow their own crops. And in Ireland, rural people never use the tumble dryer in the summer, only during winter. They are more self-sufficient and more environmentally conscious.

But guess who is more responsible for car-dependency in America, Canada and Ireland? Urban planners. They design cities and towns where you need a car to get around. There are cities and suburban areas in North America with no footpaths/sidewalks, so they are not safe for pedestrian use. Public transport is unreliable and unsafe so people don't want to use them. Finally, separate zoning laws have made it illegal for shops and houses to be build in the same zoning area. In American suburban housing estates there are no shops or services so suburbanites are forced to drive to buy groceries. In fact, there are no semi-detached houses in America while in Ireland they're the norm, so suburbs are more dense and less car-dependent in Ireland.

In essence, fix the retarded urban and suburban planning laws instead of telling rural people what to do.

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I live in a semi-arid region. I've been air drying my laundry all summer. 35C and ~25% humiidty. Within an hour most stuff is dry.

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It rains a lot in Ireland. But when it’s dry a lot of people hang their clothes on clothes lines. Or we get a clothes horse, hang the clothes on it and place the clothes horse in a room with good ventilation. Some Irish households do that, mostly rural people who do more for the environment than the green cultists. Some Irish households are addicted to their tumble dryers. Some households use both the dryer and the clothes line/clothes horse, like my family do.

I live with my parents, and they have a vented tumble dryer. My mam does the washing and she uses the dryer most of the time. But whenever I do it myself I hang my wet clothes up on the clothes horse, put it in the downstairs bathroom which has a window and let the clothes airdry overnight. A habit I developed from when I was living away for college, because the dryer in the house I was staying in wasn’t working and my landlord would not replace it unless myself and my roommates pitched in for the replacement because dryers use up a lot of electricity. Our landlord replaced our washing machine with his own money when that broke down. Not we needed a dryer anyway. I only use dryers for beddings or if I need my clothes back in a hurry. When I get my own place I’ll just get a combo-washer-dryer.

In Ireland, vented dryers used to be the norm, like they still are Stateside. Nowadays, most people have condenser dryers, which don’t need a hose so they can be placed anywhere in the house. Instead, used up air gets condensed into a water reservoir which has to be emptied after each use. They use up more electricity than vented dryers, yet vented dryers are harder to get nowadays because whenever our retarded local governments build new houses they don’t put hookups for dryer vents. Because our retarded government are pushing condensers. Also, condenser dryers are more prone to fires. Heat pump dryers are increasingly more common here; they’re like condenser dryers, but way more energy efficient. They cost more money up front, and they don’t work if you put them in garages or sheds.

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My grandmother used to put all her laundry out on the line when I was a child. And this was not a small line either. It was about 20m (60ft) long. All summer the laundry would go out on the line.

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I’d put my laundry on the clothesline too whenever it’s sunny outside. You only need the dryer when it’s raining.

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No. Rural people do a lot of walking because the remote areas in which they live are safe to walk on. They grow their own crops. And in Ireland, rural people never use the tumble dryer in the summer, only during winter. They are more self-sufficient and more environmentally conscious.

This isn't remotely what rural life is like in the U.S.

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Remember when we forcibly relocated Native Americans, and forced them to adapt to our way of life in order to civilize them, and how well that worked out and how it was totally the moral thing to do and there have been no political repercussions whatsover?

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u/goobandit is probably still not civilized, we have more work to do

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Dude must think farming communities live in the suburbs or something.

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You can't always get what you want.... yea if everyone moves away from living in rural areas good luck getting your food, can't always get what you want!

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This dude is a soy-based lifeform

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Fuck farmers who live on their farms I guess?