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Guilt by association.

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Goddamnit. Well, I have my own thoughts but I'll be damned if someone somewhere said that Gigguk is peak anti-woke then I say they haven't seen the ragebait Youtubers then.

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As far as I know he's never really said anything one way or the other. Doesn't really seem to make politics part of his brand, if I had to guess I'd say he's slightly left leaning.

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Which is why I'm confused why FEE would put his video as an example of the anti woke being positive of Arcane. The Critical Drinker and The Angry Joe Show is also made an example which is a no brainer but there is also another who is quite apolitical as well.

I guess the point was that many non-far left people give it a masterpiece level. That since the reviews on Youtube doesn't really tell if it's a masterpiece or not so I get that.

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Well, u/Datachost was kind of right because he doesn't make politics part of his brand; remember that the woke live on "if you're not ALL IN with us to the point that your entire personality is exactly the talking points we tell you your personality is, you're against us." Shit, they hate people who won't make politics part of their brand even more than they hate people with rival politics.

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Schafrillas Productions don't have politics in his brand. He's great.

Olay, Gigguk, main channel. Neutral in politics. He had some opinions on the Trash Taste podcasts though but not outright. Allegedly.

But I do check woke anime subreddit and the consensus is that he's still the best anituber in their eyes. Maybe a minority but it does get upvoted so maybe not the minority.

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Okay. That works, because he is good at what he does, so it's surprising the "silence is violence" crowd hasn't demanded he be violently pro-them yet.

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Isn't gigguk a lolifag?

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What? A pro-lolicon guy? Never heard about it.

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I remember seeing something about him defending that gay shit, that's pretty woke ngl.

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Which gay shit? Lolicon is gay? What? Do forgive my confusion. If I may ask further clarification then I would be grateful.

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Oh I was just using gay as an insult because loli is lame as hell and I'd call someone a fag for watching it

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It's an interesting concept. If used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for parent child relationships.

Of course that's not always the case and we end up with borderline pedophilic materials.