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I'll let you into a secret.

There are no real trans people.

The whole thing is made up.

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Gender disphoria is real. Beyond that?

It's fairly obvious to anyone who wants to start critically examining what people say that it's all a mental health issue.

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Gender disphoria isn't real either, it's just body dysmorphia and self-loathing.

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Body dismorphia is clearly a related issue. The self loathing is likely caused by that.

Naturally the problem comes down to if you don't feel "at home" in your own body, that's not going to change if you alter your body. You'll still not feel comfortable with yourself. Your body has changed but it's still yours. You're just as likely to continue to suffer from disphoria with your new body. You've not dealt with the underlying cause which isn't physical.

I have at the very least some sympathy towards people that understand that and just want to dress weird or whatever. I don't understand the reasoning why but at the very least "acting like a woman" for whatever the fuck that means doesn't have permanent effects on your body like surgery does.

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Honestly,i don't see how it has gone beyond it being a dysphoria.No matter how hard people try,there's no way someone can be born into the wrong body.I still hold that in order for that premise to work,you'd have to believe in a soul and that soul got mismatched into the wrong sex's body.Even if you believe that the main cause for the dysphoria is their brains producing a certain chemical that made them believe it,it wouldn't be proof that they're truly opposite sex.

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you'd have to believe in a soul and that soul got mismatched into the wrong sex's body

Why would souls be gendered to begin with? When the whole point of sex is reproduction which happens in the physical world, why would a soul have any information regarding how it happens?

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Honestly i don't know.All i know is that for the concept of being trapped in the wrong body that it would have to be true.Either trans people are who they say they are,or it's an hallucination caused by their brains producing the wrong chemicals that making them believe it.

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Sure, it's real. So is Anorexia. The treatment for Anorexia isn't lipo and nutrient pills; it's therapy to get you to realize that your cognition is fucked up and needs to be fixed.

But somehow trans is different: the body must adapt to the mind, not the other way around. To believe this is true, requires believing in an immutable, gendered "spirit" that is somehow at odds with the physical body. Which is purely religious thinking.

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What do you call the HSTS then? (Homosexual Transsexuals) surely they’re the real deal since their brain is so opposite-sexed that they better function living as the opposite gender than their physical one.

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They're just very GNC in a society of fixed gender expectations. If the gender expectations went away, they would be fine.

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Don’t they suffer from legit bodily dysphoria though?

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Only because of their internalised homophobia and personality disorders.

There's no innate mental "body map" as some TRAs like to say. Rather a child has to learn where parts of their body are during the course of their life. That's why they are so clumsy.

They also talk about phantom limb syndrome and larp that applying to their sexual body. The trouble is people born without limbs never get phantom limb syndrome. It only happens to adults who have lost limbs.

These people will literally fake and lie about anything to get their own way. You can't believe anything they say.

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Yes, but that doesn't mean they're born in the wrong body or that they're "male-bodied women". There is also research suggesting that male and female brains do not exist.

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Brain sexual dimorphism doesn't really exist while physical sexual dimorphism clearly does. Pretty much the opposite of what gender ideology contends.

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Opposite sexed brain?

What's that then?

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Oh boy. The incest discourse again.

Incest in real life is a despicable act, in part because it's almost always a form of rape (how many actually consensual incestuous relationships exist?) and in part because of the guaranteed health issues their offspring will have.

Incest in fiction and shipping? Go for it! The characters aren't real. If you want to imagine protagonist-kun dating his onee-san, then by all means do. Nobody is getting hurt in the process.

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and in part because of the guaranteed health issues their offspring will have.

Which is why gay incest (between consenting adults close in age obviously) is the only valid type to begin with, and lots of countries agree with me seeing as how they’ve decriminalized only same-sex incest specifically.

Anyways whether incest is good or bad isn’t even the point of this post, what is the point is that OP in the tweet is big mad about the shipping of gay incest in particular because assuming a gay couple can’t make babies together is “cisnormative” or something. Gotta find a way to make everything about the troons somehow 🙄 but also the troons who reproduce aren’t even real troons to begin with because actual troons would have too much bodily dysphoria to ever willingly engage with their reproductive organs/genitals. The whole “pregnant man” fuckery is total bs because what actual transman worth his weight in salt would ever want to do one of the most womanly woman things to ever woman? Certainly not Buck Angel I can tell you that much.

Any troon that has no problem engaging in heterosexual intercourse and actively using their genitals is either just a trender or an AGP fetishist.

If you want to imagine protagonist-kun dating his onee-san, then by all means do. Nobody is getting hurt in the process.

Shipping hetero incest (unless this “oneesan” of his is step or adoptive) is cringe and degenerate though precisely because it encourages/normalizes inbreeding in the public’s mind.