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It makes total sense to me. If we accept that some people are born into the wrong bodies, then it must follow that skin tone is part of that as well. In fact, on the scale of things that one can feel dysphoric about, skin color is much less of a stretch compared with sex characteristics.

Blackface is the new womanface.

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Skin colour makes way more sense to me. What if you're adopted and raised by a black couple in black culture? Surely you'd be 'culturally' black then? You'd probably feel like you'd fit in better with them if you were black too?

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I do think it gets complicated like that. Are you going to deny a mixed child being black because they look too white? They've grown up in the same house as siblings who might be 'black enough' and they've experienced the same things. Same with the adoption thing. Unless someone thinks skin colour means you don't absorb culture haha.

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What is culturally black? Culture of black people in Kenya will be different to culture of black people in the Caribbean, to black people in the US, the UK, France, etc. The culture of two black families on the same street may well be vastly different as their skin tone is irrelevant.

Culture can be regional, perhaps religious or within a regional ethnic group, but not racial in a generic term. There is little similarity in culture between Indians and Pakistanis, as there is little similarity between black Americans and Zulus.

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That's sort of what I mean. You are what you grow up in. If you grew up with a black family in the US you're likely to feel more aligned with that culture. At least the concept is less nebulous than gender lol. For that I was thinking US black as they're the main ones that seem to do the black culture thing. Other places it tends to be the group. But if you're somewhere else and a Jamaican family for example adopted you you'll've grown up with elements of Jamaican culture.

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Group, I would have to agree. If you grow up within a group, for sure you will become as one with the group, regardless of your physical differences.

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Which is why I think the concept makes more sense, it comes down to culture. Even if you're white you can grow up in an area with another culture and assimilate to it. I do think it's complicated but if we consider the culture side of it mattering more than the looks then I'd say a fair few people can be 'transracial' just from living in an area that might have a lot of one group that you'd grow up with. You're going to be influenced at least a bit imo.

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Funnily enough, transracial has actually existed as a term for a fairly long time, to describe adoptive children raised by parents of a different race to theirs. So pretty much exactly what you're describing, where they'd be raised in a culture "different" to what their appearance might suggest.

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How interesting! It makes sense at least.

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Even then, though, the fact that black culture is youth culture comes into play as well, especially with how trans ideology is built around "anyone who says they are is" (if a white or light-skinned person in a black family can identify as black, then that white person who really, really likes the new Drake album also can and indeed, you're evil if you don't let them.)

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Who am I to deny someone their identity haha.

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Shit, it's better because if this occurs that's in "this cannot possibly end well" (do people want to see a lot of racists identify as black so they can say the N-word with impunity? This is how you get a bunch of racists identifying as black so they can say the N-word with impunity.)

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Funny how m told there's a homogenous black culture in America but no whites anywhere have a whit3 culture.

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It makes more sense than transgenderism. Unlike gender, race is actually a spectrum and there are people on any point of it.

I'm just waiting for transageism, so I can legally change my date of birth.

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Talcum X is lining up, his application for a shiny, authentic Black card filled out and ready to go! Then it'll just be 4-6 weeks processing, and he can proudly face the world as an authentic NegroTM.

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Instructions unclear; signed up on this Grindr site for the necessary buckbreaking session. Did not go as planned; how do I surrender my black card again?

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Did not go as planned; how do I surrender my black card again?

Neglect washing yo ass for a while

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Sorry, but the rule is that once you go black, you never go back.

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...what if I just use ear sex? Then the rule is lessened to once you go black, you go deaf.

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Talcum X, cracks me up every time.

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Of course. Transracialism was actually always recognized.

On college applications and for government subsidies, you can write whatever you want, and they have to accept it.

There’s black people that look white.

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I always check other on the race box. I don't feel any cultural or racial connection with the Caucasus.

Plus the whole idea is based on this old theory of racial division that is more or less discredited now. Caucasoid Negroid and Mongoloids races. You'll get accused of racism outright for even citing that theory, and frankly I'm fairly convinced the theory is pretty eurocentric but so broad as to be useless.

My racial theory is thus, there is the human race. All other distinctions are culturally defined. The criteria are therefore irrelevant to material reality. Some people have lighter or darker skin yet it is a spectrum. Different eye shapes. Different hair colors. We can go on and on and divide people into an infinite number of groups depending on the criteria chosen.

I think Americans have a hard time with this due to their politics and education system more or less hammering in this very Americanized ideal of colorism but it's frankly bunk and the only real criteria it judges is skin color. It goes right back to the old Caucasoid Negroid Mongoloid shit, white black and other. Or as we say it now, white black and brown.

There whole thing will crumble if you travel and start to meet people who are "mixed" ever met a black asian? How about a white Mexican? There are negros with white skin. Arabs with black skin. It's not the norm. But it happens.

The idea that you can just somehow change your physical appearance to be that of someone else is ludicrous, but if you change the way you dress and the way you act you can actually change other people's perception of your race since it goes far beyond merely skin color. As this case demonstrates. Culture is all that matters in the long run, and while there's certainly no such thing as one universal superior culture, cultural attitudes are fair game for criticism be they good or bad since there are not innate and can be changed. Once you tie them to race it gets messy. Black people are violent. Racist statement? Black culture in the US is violent? Racist statement? Making the confusion between the two is the primary way the ruling class maintains political power by separating the populace into easily identified and manipulatable groups keeping them fighting each other rather than uniting their political power for policies that would empower both and hurt the powerbase of the political elite.

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Yea. Racism is not considered actual race hate like it is in the US. It’s considered discrimination against different cultures.

Interesting topic to breach. But I’m not particularly racist or cultural ist, just that white culture is the best. Lol.

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But white culture is woke shit.

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They jest, but transracialism is an actual thing in Judaism. Converts to Judaism are treated as not converts to the religion itself but also the actual ethnicity as well, they are said to have been “reborn” into the Jewish race and as you might imagine this entails all the full legal, citizenry benefits of Israel despite the former being a firmly established ethnostate.

You know what the kicker is? Transracialism into Judaism is an accepted and celebrated part of Orthodox Judaism (To the point where they even have similar “trigger” rules about it being forbidden to remind a convert of their past and “deadnaming”) but they absolutely forbid transgenderism under any circumstances.

It really says something that even the world’s oldest Monotheistic religion considers fucking transracialism as more valid than troonery, lmao!

Guess race/ethnicity is still more of a social construct than gender/biological sex will ever be?