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It’s the fundamental problem with the entire conception of transgenderism. There’s no rational way to explain feeling any gender other than the sex you were born.

It’s an intractable problem, you cannot know how other minds perceive the world, so it’s impossible to feel like a sex that you aren’t.

Of course, the way to solve the problem is to accept that it is either a delusional mental illness or a sexual fetish.

I suspect that, since most NBs seem to be young, that NBism is just a fad/attention seeking behaviour that will disappear when the next thing comes along.

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Realistically there’s no feeling of being the sex you’re born as, either, without resorting to stereotypes or social conventions. It’s simply a state of being. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Well yes, that’s absolutely true, but even if we pretend that there is some “gender feeling”, there’s no way to conceive feeling as anything other than what you are. Claiming otherwise requires knowledge of how other minds feel, and that is absolutely impossible.

It’s truly bizarre that this ideology has become so accepted in the mainstream as it is completely illogical and utterly refuted with even a small amount of rational thought.

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even the praised Minnesota Multiphasic test's "gender identity" questions are just stereotypes like "are you able to understand interior design?" "are you the one doing the shopping in the house?" I have nothing feminine about me whatsoever and still got HALF-AND-HALF

problem for them is the Current Year view of gender includes BOTH 1. dysphoria--the overwhelming need to change everything about sex--AND 2. genderfluidity, which John Money's sick experiment was literally trying to prove (but instead allowed dysphoria to be codified)

once you see this, it starts showing up everyhwere: mainstream feminism says the sexes are equal ... and that the sexes are the same; radfems, that men being advantaged is patriarchy, but also that women being given an advantage is ALSO from the patriarchy since they're being patronized; or whether bi is like homosexuality or just people lying about something invisible to horn in on the gay bars; or or or

the contradictions crop up when you pay attention for more than the length of a slogan, but they're usually presented in isolation and sound semi-reasonable (unless you're looking for contradiction, and that's called "sealioning"): I think it's also because these Mandatory Dogmas come from very small university departments, who write the Freshmeat 101 courses and mandatory sensitivity thingies: the other departments teach the required electives, but don't force everyone to agree to Ibn Khaldun's Law or speech-act theory or else they can't enrol

now add together Sophomore Syndrome where they just find out about somthing, youth, free time, social media, and Cluster B and you have the never-ending vampire castle of "SJWism" (a word I myself don't like)

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Sophomore Syndrome where they just find out about somthing

I’d never actually put this into the mix, but it does explain an awful lot.

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I'm sorry, but did you just question a 20-year-old just learning about a topic?!

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I swear my toddler has more self awareness than half the college aged dweebs I see online.

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Wait until your toddler is in college.

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It’s the fundamental problem with the entire conception of transgenderism. There’s no rational way to explain feeling any gender other than the sex you were born.

It’s an intractable problem, you cannot know how other minds perceive the world, so it’s impossible to feel like a sex that you aren’t.

Of course, the way to solve the problem is to accept that it is either a delusional mental illness or a sexual fetish.

I suspect that, since most NBs seem to be young, that NBism is just a fad/attention seeking behaviour that will disappear when the next thing comes along.

I will not let you eradicate the hope i have for security of the gay race and a future for trans babies you monster!.

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I hope it does. I preferred when kids were angsty emos and goths in order to piss off their parents. At the very least they only cut themselves on a surface level.

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Also, emos at least didn't force their beliefs on anyone and usually didn't even interact with people outside their own community.

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Oh my sweet summer child. You and your burgeoning understanding of the truth regarding how biology, sex and gender are social constructs is deeply troubling. Its simple to understand the concept of non binary genders and gender fluidity. To feel like a woman means to fall into a Femanine like state of being at one with your inner Femme. and to be masculine means to be toxic and wrong. Now its not as Black and white as I am making it out to be because there is very much a big spectrum of Femme and masc that you can fall on at any given time of any given day. For example I am feeling quite femme today so I wore high heels and a miniskirt to work However I am also feeling quite masc as well so I didn't shave my beard and im letting my balls hang freely with no underwear and keep interrupting people (especially cis women) when they talk. However other days I feel only femme and I start randomly crying for no reason causing the mascara to run down my face until my boss is forced to send me home due to my hormones being out of whack from all the estradiol I take. Yesterday I was feeling very masc so I wore a white wife beater and interrupted all the women while sitting with my legs splayed wide open on public transit. I hope I have helped you better your understanding of non binary and gender fluidity.

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What exactly is non-binary?

Mental illness.

How would someone "feel" like one?

Mental illness.

Hope this was helpful.

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Omg your naaaaame 💀

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To put it simply, people compare themselves to very stereotypical types of women and men.

If a woman has other interests than makeup and romantic comedies and is an idiot, she calls herself non-binary.

If a man thinks he isn’t a no-brainer who only cares for beer, cars and women and is an idiot, he calls himself non-binary.

Non-binary is when someone wants to feel so special that one’s gender should be fluid, based on random aesthetics, fictional characters or real people, objects, weather, etc. ...

Give yourself a stupid haircut and boom! you’re enby. Apply cringe makeup and boom! you’re enby. Do something associated with the opposite sex and boom! you’re enby.

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You should see when I tell them I considered being trans as a teen and knew it was bullshit then. They couldn't give me a dick or make me a man. I was bi and I am a woman. Nothing wrong with either! I don't need to pretend to be a man to deserve your respect.

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It's just a fashion choice. "Trans" is a fashion choice. This whole damn thing is a stupid fashion trend.

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And there seems to be a uniform. Bad haircut with an obnoxious colour scheme, ill fittings clothes (if skinny wear loose fitting, if fat wear tight fitting), and an assortment of tattoos and/or piercings.

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Nice concise description 🤡😂

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really it's just narcissism seeing itself. you used to be able to dress like a fucking weirdo and stand out in a crowd. now there's too many fucking weirdos so they have to accessorize more and more things about themselves to seem different.

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Since gender is binary, then non-binary is meaningless. But if I had to give it a meaning, I'd say it's a label you give yourself when you aren't getting enough attention.

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It's pretty funny. Gender isn't a binary so I identify my gender as a gender that isn't part of the binary.

But you just reinforced the binary. How can you identify as not being something that doesn't exist?

It's like saying you identify as a non-elf. Ok, so?

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I'll tell you how I came to identify as genderqueer (what used to be non-binary).

Basically I was swinging the lead at work and surfing the net and I came across a privilege score sheet from some uni (might have been on reddit). Something like this

Now I added up all my attributes and lets just say I was woefully low on oppression points which I was not happy about. I was very much in the mood to nurse a victimhood complex at the time.

So being my corner cutting, rule bending self I looked how to game the system. I saw pretty quickly that trans gave massive victimhood points. Now if I'd been born today I would have been a trans kid. I was desperate to be a boy and not grow up to be a woman between the ages of 7 and 12. However at that point I was very much happy in my skin and so I googled "genderqueer" and it said something along the lines of "anyone who feels they don't exactly fit their gender is genderqueer. I thought "that's me" (but of course that's everyone).

So I identified as genderqueer for 2 years until I came to my senses.

And you if you think that's a bit mercenary I bet you a good half or more of NBs are defining that way for the same reason, to game the system.

I mean it's not like you can turn round to anyone and say "no, you completely fit the gender stereotypes so you're not non binary." They purposely define it so it can include basically everyone.

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That's fuckin hilarious. How old were you?

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It’s a lot of people who don’t know who they are yet. Or what they stand for. They have very few friends. They are often ugly or anti social.

It’s the same people who get caught up in the real nazi groups, or real “kill all the blacks/Jews” group.

They are losers with nothing better to do.

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It doesn't make any sense to you? Congratulations, you are not mentally ill

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The old word for people like this was "fags". Not as in homosexual, but as in "You're a useless whiner who takes up space and time, offering nothing of value to society by your presence".

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Changing your gender each day like cammilion

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It's usually just faggots and lesbos not wanting to admit that they are.

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I really don't think this is true. I think they would have no problem admitting if they were homo.

I think if anything it's usually straight kids not wanting to admit they are, because we now teach kids that only oppressed groups can be the good guys, or heroes, or interesting people.

So they convince themselves just because they are not blonde bimbos or dude bros that means they must be neither and that simply by existing as such they are tearing down millennia of gender oppression by the patriarchal tyranny that exists over everything.

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It's retards that want attention. That's it. It's the "I'm not like other girls" of our era. There's always something.

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I think they would have no problem admitting if they were homo

Being gay isn't really cool anymore.

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True, gender non conforming is the new in.

But gay is at least kinda cool.

Straight cis means you are a bad person and boring too.

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No fucking idea, really.👾

I guess it's just hetero teenagers wanting desperately to be part of a LGBT community so they can also be special and unique, but they're too cowardly/too lazy to actually transistion so they just call themselves non binary or made up some alien genders to be accepted into the gender cult.

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Maybe some of these blue haired entities have grown some genitals under their armpits, it's the only way. Otherwise there are only two kinds of genitals, and there can only be a binary spectrum of gender.

Also notice how it's "non"-binary, instead of asserting the new number it negates the previous one. If I want to name something new, it's usually not in the negative, like finding a new animal and naming it "non-lion".

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everyone on earth is nonbinary because nobody exhibits JUST male or JUST female traits. we all have a mix.

however a handful of sexist idiots seem to think otherwise. they think that being a man or a woman means acting like a stereotype, and since they don't, they deserve a brand new label.

it's no different from 'sapiosexual' or 'demiromantic' - terms that say nothing about you and everything about how lowly you view the rest of humanity.

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I've never met a woman who appreciated a good fart.

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you don't know my wife.

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I can believe nonbinary as in intersexed genders...but that's so rare, and nonbinary usually refers to those personality trait genders. Weirdest of all are animal genders, as if animals don't have genders and are thus their own gender. Mostly it's nothing more than a way to get attention and feel special, or an attempt to escape societal gender norms.

No normal person can tell you what being a gender "feels like" as far as identity goes, because it doesn't feel like anything. It feels normal. Gender dysphoria can cause negative feelings, but that's not how the vast majority of them describe their experience. It's usually along the lines of "Oh I just feel like a <insert gender here> and act more like one", aka you're GNC. Then they get medical procedures and realize they fucked up when they can't take their new body. Suddenly they realize there's a lot more to gender than gender roles and "identifying" as something, but it's too late. Then they become TERFs or whatever the male equivalent of that is, because they were preyed on by the trans movement. And that'll provide the left with another excuse to ban medical treatments for dysphoria, on top of claiming it's transphobic for acknowledging sex differences, which is bound to happen soon. Maybe older people rarely regret transitioning, but a LOT has changed since then and kids are now being rushed to gender clinics if they show the slightest sign of not being 100% stereotypical. Doctors don't take any caution anymore, and they're not allowed to. Detrans rates are spiking because of this, and if you dare point it out the liberal mob will crucify you.

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Non-binary means you think all men are fratboys and all women are princesses, AKA gender stereotypes but woke.

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it's an umbrella term

Whenever you see the term “umbrella term”, you know you're in the realm of bullshit definitions.

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I think it's autism mixed with some other factor like narcissism. For those that are serious about it, anyway. The one I know is a male, works in tech, is a vegan and only eats certain things. Needs everything planned out. Takes hormones to grow tits. Isn't really a fun addition to any group hang but is OK, considering he never brings it up beyond wearing skirts and jewelry. Very boring to talk to though.

I don't know, man.

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I am non-trinary.

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Fucked if I know...

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Attention whoring

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No idea, but I suspect it has to do with leaning into an affectation. In the olden days, people were teased or bullied out of it, or they grew up and were required to act professional at work. Now affectations are celebrated and we all have to put up with this shit at work.