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i think we should all be able to celebrate our fetishes in public, free of judgment.

that's why i will be wearing my "i <3 women smashing cakes with their bottoms" XXL t-shirt to work tomorrow, and every following day, until the smell is so bad i am ejected from the office by force at which point i will be suing for emotional damages

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Solid plan, but make sure to work in HAES and fat acceptance in there somewhere, if you can. It'll let you claim some good, old-fashioned fatphobia into your subsequent lawsuit.

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absolutely not i will not tolerate those bigots who EAT the cakes my lovely ladies are trying to SMUSH under their buttocks it's basically erasure which is basically state-sanctioned genocide

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But that's the glory of fat acceptance, it doesn't have to be cake that they eat to get big, and their enlarged asses will allow for even more epic cake smushing.

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You present a convincing argument. However, my side has cookies and hookers. So kindly get in the woodchipper, and leave me to enjoy my peanut butter & chocolate chunk and my complimentary hoe.

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You can woodchip deeze nuts!

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Oh sweaty! “Nuts” are a social construct of a cisheteropatriarchal white supremacist society. And “woodchippers” are a transhomomysogynracist dog whistle. You’ve just hate-crimed us all!

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I'm feeling especially hatecrimed by the use of "deeze," which is blatant appropriation of AAVE. I sense a disturbance in the Blackness, as if an untold number of hands were suddenly thrust out to receive reparations.

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I practically choked my emotional support chicken when I encountered his macroaggressions. I’d really hate for him to hate crime us again, really hate it, my chicken definitely wouldn’t survive another choking.

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This did it. I just turned my very impressive hot dog, into a mangled stepped on taco. Now is my ass different than a hole in the ground?

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If a nazi asked you for a hug, would you say yes?

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I was AMAB (assigned male at birth) but from a very young age I was playing with matchbox cars and I liked dressing in T-shirts and jeans so I knew I had to transition to male. But unfortunately I was already male so it was looking like transitioning wasn't an option. I looked into taking testosterone but found out that my body already made it. I discovered I had no way of transitioning and began seeing people who do transition as oppressive. Transitioning is a privilege that not all of us have and society needs to be more sensitive to that.

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Rule 4C. No satire/trolls.

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C) Don't post unrelated material. Posts need to be of reasonable quality. One-line edgy comments like "white people suck" are boring, repetitive and don't make the cut. Try to find unusual and interesting antics, rather than posting low-hanging fruit. Additionally, don't post hard politics (anything made by or explicitly referring to a politician, political candidate, or political party), memes, shitposts, podcasts, lengthy videos, circlejerk discussions, etc. The mods reserve the right to determine what material is considered unrelated.

thats 4c if you wanna complain about rule breaking at least get it right

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Rule 4skin:
Do you want to be Right or do you want to be correct?

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an era of true equality where men can be women, women can be enbys and children are gender non conforming until they decide what they identify as at 1 years old

I love the part where men are evil and nobody actively wants to be a man.

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Kid fuckers