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This whole situation is too perfect not to be a huge troll. It has to be, just think about it. We've gotten so ridiculous as a society all someone has to do is put on prosthetic tits and a wig claim they are a woman. and no one can do anything. In fact the entire system is obligated to protect and cater to you.

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In the video, it seems last year he was exuding toxic masculinity.
So A+++ troll.

I wonder if some of the school staff is going along with it too, to expose the anti-freespeech.

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It's entirely possible he is trolling. However, the real issue is how the school board is backing this behaviour. When you can't call out a troll or an actual predator anymore (and the behaviour is still harmful to students, especially female ones, even if it is an elaborate ploy) you have a fundamental safeguarding problem.

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Dollars to donuts the only reason they are backing this is because they don't want to be accused of transphobia. Which would mean this problem is way bigger then just the school board itself. If they acted on this they would be opening themselves up to potential law suits for discrimination.

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It's also worth noting that even if he is trolling, he's still trolling by acting like a predator. He's still exposing kids to shit they don't need to be exposed to

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Exactly. And the fact that no one can differentiate between trans and troll says everything.

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If I wear a wife beater to work and say it's part of my gender identity can I get out of wearing a suit?

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I think you should wear whatever sleazy crap you want and insist that it's gender -affirming

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That's just unfair.

We've gotten more ridiculous than that- all someone has to do is say "oh, my pronouns are he/they", while changing literally nothing else about themselves, and no one can do anything. In fact, the entire system is obligated to protect and cater to you.

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Life is unfair and merely changing pronouns wouldnt garner headlines that draw attention to this.

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Of course, because someone putting a wig and prosthetic tits so big that the news has to talk about exploding milk hentai to explain it angries up the blood more.

However, make no mistake- if the person merely said "sure, you can also use 'they' as a pronoun", they'd get every bit of the same protections without any need to change themselves.

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Look here buckaroodle. you may be correct but that doesn't mean I have to agree with you and your cis heteronormative neurotypicality of the bioessentialistic patriarchy.

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I'd say sociopath. This person is probably trying to get fired and sue hoping for a settlement.

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Reminiscent of Bo Selecta. The line of chest sweat is a nice touch. Good on this person if they are having a laugh.