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I think it is referring to this incident from about ten years ago.

I looks like there a physical altercation between the two with the lesbian in question assaulting the comedian by throwing drinks at him and then the comedian later confronting the lesbian after the show and breaking her sunglasses. Seems like both parties were involved in escalating the incident. Why the fine is so high escapes me. Canucks gonna canuck.

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Why the fine is so high escapes me.

Because the HRT doesn't (yet) have the power to hand out public floggings and executions, so financial punishment has to do for the time being?

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I think both parties were behaving pretty shitty in this case but it seems baffling to me to dole out such a fine to protect the sensibilities of the person who first instigated the incident. Which would be the Lesbian here for heckling and throwing drinks at the guy.

I mean if you go into a mosque and start throwing pork at the worshipers, it doesn't justify your murder at the hands of the enraged, but you have no sympathy from me and are guilty of the assault on them in the first place.

The lesbian couple in this case seems to have instigated this and thrown shit at the guy, so they should be held responsible for that I think (I'd have just kicked them from the venue as a fair punishment) but their complaints are that they were called dykes and the guy broke their sunglasses. Oh no. Cry me a river. Guy owes you new sunglasses for sure. They cost $15,000? Yeah right.

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Eh. Eh? EH!

Also, the HRT is a pointed demonstration of what happens when IdPol morons finally gain tangible power over others.

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I can insult lesbians any time i want. I just don't want to bother with it.

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The word "tribunal" says so much about these kangaroo courts.

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You have been summoned before the great gender tribunal for crimes against the goddess Lesbos. Do you admit your guilt or do you maintain a false claim of innocence worm?

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It is not heresy, and I will not recant!

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Then you will burn! Burn the witch! If they emerge from the fires unharmed then they are innocent!