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The trouble is there’s no way to tell the difference between parody and reality when it comes to this stuff (Poe’s Law). So much of what is done by these people is beyond parody. Wear a diaper in public? That’s fine. Dress as a puppy with a butt plug tail and interact with children? That’s fine! Perform a drag act for children and allow a child to stroke your crotch? That’s fine!

Society’s anti-malware software, shame, has been well and truly defeated by this shit. We have worked hard over the past forty years eliminating all the societal safeguards in the name of inclusion. Some legitimately needed to be eliminated, gay people don’t deserve to be shamed, but adult baby diaper fans definitely do, as do the transvestites and the puppies. Shame kept that shit behind closed doors where it belongs (consenting adults should do whatever they want behind closed doors, I don’t care).

The fact that the pædos are now making another concerted effort to go mainstream (MAP rights) is a clear indication that we need more shame not less.

So I think even if this turns out to be the greatest troll in history, everyone can be forgiven for thinking it was done unironically.

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If it's a troll that's fucking hilarious as the entire thing is stupid and worthy of mockery anyway but regardless the teacher should be fired for gross misconduct. As they say pretending to be retarded is actually retarded.

Some legitimately needed to be eliminated, gay people don’t deserve to be shamed,

See I think gay people don't deserve to be bullied, don't deserve to have their private lives dragged into the public sphere without cause, but the whole problem is this idea behind celebrating fuckery.

It's different if someone is introducing their "partner" at a social event. I don't have any issue with people being openly gay. But they overcompensate with overtly transgressive shit. I don't want a straight couple to be public with their weird fetish shit either.

You can be a freaky as you want in the bedroom and I'll neither pry nor share inadvertently obtained information so long as you aren't publicizing it.

Like I think it's sexual harassment to share your fetish in public. Venue is important as well. I have no right to complain about scantily clad women in in strip clubs, but you do a family friendly pole stripping show at the local library I'm condemning that shit.

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I think we are in agreement.

And yes, troll or not, it’s gross misconduct and he should be fired without recourse and barred from teaching.

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It's just pathetically sad the school board isn't like "nope dress code".

If a woman wore giant prosthetic breasts with obviously visible fake nipples I'd say "no you can't wear that take it off" and if they refused I'd fire them.

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At my school that would happen. The headteacher has sent loads of student teachers home for wearing clothing that doesn’t meet the dress code (imagine turning up to teach 7-11 year olds in low cut tops or skinny jeans…fucking idiots!). She told a Muslim teaching assistant that whilst she could wear a hijab, she couldn’t wear a full face covering to teach, even when unrelated men were present.

The head is awesome, she literally gives no shits when it comes to enforcing the rules, and everyone knows where they stand.

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I can imagine it loads of teachers are retarded and choose that path in life seek the validation of kids because everyone else knows they are retarded and they think the 10 year olds haven't figured it out yet (but they're wrong).

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The problem is that while you're right shame has been truly defeated by this, it's not a bug, it's a feature that all of society has been trying to get rid of. Everyone, both on the side of inclusion and the side of exclusion. There's a reason that Donald Trump, who people knew for 40 years prior to his election was the most shameless human being on earth, is the second coming of Christ to the right-wing...and it's the same reason that societal safeguards are eliminated for inclusion as well.

Shit, this ties into "greatest troll in history", since many trolls' troll opinions are the type of thing that definitely needed to be shamed into realizing "no, this is stupid and if you truly believe it, you're stupid", but those people have lost the shame they needed as well.

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I agree. It’s almost as if shame evolved to keep shit in check!

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Big if true.

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Still big if not true

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I so badly want that to be the case.

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Fuck yeah, dude would be a hero. It would be epic. The alternative is that's he's a degenerate creep. Who wouldn't want it to be a righteous thing instead of a gross thing.

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I fucking hope so but that's real commitment. This should trigger a wave of similar trolling. Say you're a woman now and start dressing like a complete bolt-on bimbo in your woke workplace. See how it goes.

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Except for the effect it has on the children in his class. It actually doesn’t matter the motive for doing this, he’s doing it in front of children and so it’s wrong.

It’d be like donning a gimp suit in public to protest the treatment of the Uighrs in China, it’s legitimate to protest the genocide but it’s wrong to engage in sexual fetish-based activity (even if you are not actually deriving sexual pleasure from it) in public. Do your protest in a way that is acceptable for the venue where you intend to protest. If you want to auto-asphyxiate for trans-rights, great, but do it in your bedroom not during the communion at Sunday Mass.

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Lol yes. That shit happens a lot though. Remember the Starbucks workers' protest about unions? And then there's fucking furries coming to protest along with them. Any legitimate protest can be derailed by clowns supporting the same thing.

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The way trans people are defined (the only requirement to be trans is to say you're trans), trolls are indistinguishable from the real deal. They're one and the same.

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Going straight from toxic masculinity to troon is not at all unusual.

Before the current trend most troons were ex-army.

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I fucking hope so that this guy is just a troll, trying to demonstrate how ridiculous the whole gender ideology is . If that's his true intention behind this clownish perfomance, then I would have lots of respect for him.