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Wow this is actually hate speech. You need to understand that while no ones saying you have to fuck trans people. By not fucking them you are activley committing murder and participating in a literal genocide. Im sorry that a stunning and brave being rejected you and your fragile male ego couldnt handle it. Do better sit on a trans persons dick and spin around.

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All the trannies seemed so far away,
Now it looks like they are here to stay,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

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There once was a lady from Venus.

Who had such a glorious penis.

But despite that grand spigot

All the girls were such bigots.

And that's how she knew all the lesbos were extremists!

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Oh, you monster…breaking the rhyme scheme at the end!

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Rhymes are the work of the patriarchy!

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It's true, all true. I'm a representative of the Patriarchy, and I can absolutely confirm that rhymes are, indeed, one of our programs to further the spread of misogyny. Not quite sure how it does that, mind you, but it does.

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By the creative use of verse, we can place upon women a curse.Though try as they might they cannot hope to fight our attempts to make their lives worse!

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Our couplets they tried to best,
With weak rhymes straight off their chest.
They couldn’t have known,
Our verses have shown.
Big balls will always beat breast.

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And that's how she knew all the lesbos were extremists!

Which proves that lesbos are extremists!

The rhyme works well, but the cadence was off.

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I identify as having rhythm. How dare you impose your patriarchal colonialist music theory!

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Then I saw my face Reeeeeeeeeee guess I'm a deceiver I transitioned to be a her. Or so I tried.

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I thought breasts were only true in fairy tales. Made for someone else but not for me. No one wanted to fuck me, that's the way it seemed. Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I did HRT!

Now I'm a Lesbian! Not a trace of man left in me! I'm a girl, you can't disagree that my penis is more feminine than yours.

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Please don't cancel me on twitter, as a cishet m*n I am donating 99% of my salary towards trans kids funds, and I whip myself in front of a mirror because I am so ashamed of myself. I will correct myself and suck the shenis everyday because that's the only way I can be a true trans ally

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Oh wow uhm okay soo much to unpack here. Firstly the term is female flute. After all playing it makes beautiful music. Secondly. Lastly I hope you feel ashamed of yourself bigot.

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Uh, haven't you caught on yet that if you're not with us, you're against us? That TERF Lady Gaga was wrong, you're not born this way, you can choose to be this way. Indeed, because you can choose to become this way, any person who still becomes cisscum or hetscum is inherently oppressing trans people by living. If you were really an ally you'd decide to be trans. Do better, Venmo me, flagellate yourself.

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Trans don’t need us to fuck them. They’ve fucked themselves hard enough as it is.

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If you like women, you are better off being a man, because most women like men. If you decide to transition you'll severely constrict your dating pool, since most women won't want to date someone who was a man. And most men won't either.

So if the goal is to get pussy, maybe work out and stop being one?

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These people have to take handfuls of mind altering medication each day to function. Rational thinking and self improvement are not terms they are familiar with.