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The vast, overwhelming majority of people have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes. Most people don't even know a single gay, and have no idea about IDPol

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Correct. Most of society doesn't have enough information to make informed opinions on this and so will just trend towards what the media and the "experts" will tell them, and really we all do this with things we don't know about so it can't be faulted too much.

Most people will understand quite well that it's abnormal for someone to identify as something they are not, but they lack enough understanding of psychology or the issue in question to really think deeply about what it means or do anything about it, so it just falls along partisan lines, if you're a liberal surrounded by other liberals you'll be told of the bad things the conservatives are doing, using trans people as pawns in political games (which is true) and if you're surrounded by conservatives you'll be told the bad things the liberals are doing using trans people as pawns in political games (which is also true).

Right now the momentum overall on the social issues is moving more to the right, and this is largely because there isn't a good defense of idpol or transgender policies that doesn't basically equate to an anarcho-libertarian style position of "let people do whatever they want fuck you".

Most all things in the culture war end up getting surrounded with bad philosophy and gotcha arguments. And they are entertaining but tend to assume very bad faith on the part of everyone who is on the "opposite side" even though for the most part everyone has the same goals just different ideas on what way to achieve those goals.

This goes for transgender care as well. It's clear to everyone except the densest idiots on either side that there is a definite and measurable mental health issue and suicide problem. And everyone agrees this is a bad thing. The controversy comes down to how do you treat it. I'm perfectly fine with, within reason, allowing adults to choose their own way of dealing with it, be that if they wish to present as the opposite gender or seek psychological treatment, or both. I do find the medical profession to be very suspect in what it recommends as is to be expected in a capitalistic corporate society where profits become sacrosanct to all else. And that drug and surgery regiments are therefore preferred over potentially less involved and less profitable solutions. That's a very real concern and criticism to make, and the anger at which it is responded to only goes to show there is no real argument towards it besides an emotional one. But even so, we must be cautious not to heap blame on the individual cogs in the corporate machine for profiteering off of mental Illness when they've been told their entire lives that they are actually helping people. They think they are helping people, they aren't in this with bad intentions, but that doesn't mean they are free from criticism of what the system they are a part of is doing. The emotional response is one where they become despondent that they have been used as a tool to commit evil and that what they have been taught to be true is not, and they can't do anything except lash out at the messenger in an attempt to maintain their worldview, as it's mentally very uncomfortable to accept facts about life that you'd prefer to not know. Like the fact that your bones are wet right now.

Similar to anyone who is ever in a cult, you'll be told things that are not true. Most people don't think about it much. Some people do and tend to enter a period of becoming increasingly hostile towards anyone critical of the cult and have a deep psychological need to defend it, but as they do slowly the truth will be there, they'll be forced to reconcile their own beliefs against arguments that the cult has tried to keep them from through the use of adversarial argumentative styles and baffling responses designed to bewilder critics and keep them away, they'll slowly come round and out, but it's a long and psychologically devistating process and can either lead to sanity or more insanity depending on what they are grounded in. Seen many people leave the church only to fall into weird woke circles or weird pagan circles. Unless they are well grounded in logical reasoning they'll be just as susceptible to bad arguments as they were before.

It is an unfortunate reality of human nature, that even intelligent people, your friends family and loved ones, are able to be manipulated by others through psychological tricks, media, emotional arguments. Few if any fully understand it, even you and I cannot, and we are as susceptible to it as well, even going so far to lie to ourselves that if we are aware of it we are immune.

Yet this is the reality of the world, it is, and I do believe this, a kind of magic in a way, charisma, music, media, speaking, has the ability to manipulate the non-physical, to make change to the soul of man if it were, and as a materialist myself I cannot describe this as anything other than a kind of "supernatural" force, something that goes beyond the simple physical world of nature and into a kind of emergent property of the human psyche as a whole. It's impossible to fully understand it with the tools of science, it's unequivocally real, and that power of the mind, the power of word itself is something we much always be aware of. For how can it be described as anything other than magic, that I may make you feel sad, or happy, or angry, based on nothing more than a skillful recitation of a carefully created set of words?

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It's not magic, it's spiritual conflict and it's real.

I'll add just one point to reinforce what you said about the care providers.

Consider a doctor who sees ten patients in an 8 hour workday. Plus charting. Plus reading charts. Plus writing scripts. Plus mandatory TPS reports. They have zero bandwidth to spend a few hours a day looking at kooks on the fringe of social media. But they do have three seconds to hear a soundbyte from the Health Authorities telling them the latest thing is Safe and Effective. So they recommend it and shit on the opinions of independent thinkers.

Is it a dereliction of duty? Yes. Is it common and the easy thing? Yes. Is it the patient's responsibility to be sure the therapy you are advised to take is going to be what you need? Sadly because of the above, yes. Are the trains surrounded by affirmation-only hugboxes that tell they are heckin cute and valid and all will be sunshine and roses when they troon out? Yes. So they're trapped in a hole of bad advice and can't see the way out except the hard way of psychological awakening as you described, if they live long enough.

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Very well put.

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I wish this shit didn't live in my head rent free. I don't care at all how adults live their lives as long as they don't bother anyone else but when people advocate for gender affirming treatment for children, and bio men in women's sports, it's fucking disturbing.

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They are indifferent or do not care. Many of them have actual real problems to worry about rather than dealing validating the delusions of a filthy tranny.

But if these headcases continue to push against people who wish to be left alone, it will be a matter before enough people collectively snap and reject the whole cult entirely.

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Up until recently I thought most people didn't really know what was happening so didn't care beyond a vague desire to be kind. Lately though, random people I know who've never been that interested in news, politics, etc, have ended up ranting about their worries. Especially with regards to what messages about gender that children are being exposed to. So I think we're starting to hit a point where people who normally don't care how other people live their lives, have started feeling that this is impacting them and they aren't happy with it.

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Up until recently I thought most people didn't really know what was happening so didn't care beyond a vague desire to be kind

The movement itself has pretty much relied on that. Most people are going to be uninformed on the topic, so their view of things will be of the old school transsexual. Some poor gay man or woman, who had such harsh internalised homophobia that they'd rather live as a facsimile of a woman or man respectively (though I have my doubts even that group was ever as innocent as portrayed). Who wouldn't be kind to them? They already have it hard enough. But that isn't the reality anymore, far from it.

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Most people don't care because it doesn't effect them, a tranny is just some weirdo they pass in the street—who cares what someone else chooses to do with their life, right?

It's not their kid being groomed, it's not their opportunities being stolen, it's not them facing social ostracization for not dating outside their sexual orientation, it's not them being sexually assaulted, it's not them being tricked into thinking they need to change sex to fix themselves.

"Head down, go along to get along, it's not hurting me" that describes the majority of people.

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And the culprit is the ((( jews)))

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It's interesting how Israeli Jews have a very high birth rate, but Jews in the US and Europe advocate for policies that reduce birth rates.

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This has nothing to do with my post.

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You don't have to like it but you can't choose. Saidit has a hard on for Jews.

Their pointy stars and funny hats And curly fry hair with massive tats.

So when you go to sleep tonight, be sure not to turn off your light. Or out of the closet and from the halls. The Jews will come to lick your balls!

And then you can finally proudly say. Mommy help Jews made me gay!

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You hear about the new car made in Israel? Not only can it stop on a dime, it will go back and pick it up.

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Are you sure?

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They reduce birth rates for the goyim, I am sure they are incentivized to spread like vermin.

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The trouble with this idea is that Jews are more likely to be trans themselves due to high autism rates. So spreading trans ideology will castrate more of their kids than any one else's.

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Oh that's very good then. I should say good morning to a jew today

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fuck off retard

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The people who don't care are those who don't have children or don't have knowledge of some of their family's children transitioning. In my case, my neice has suddenly because a boy and is now 16 years old. I'm almost 100% sure it's the school fault because my sister (her mother) is regularly taking her to a psychiatrist. I thought Poland was based enough, I guess not.

As far as I am aware she does not have access to hormones or had no operation, but it's only 2 years until my niece can make her own decision and my sister can only look helplessly.

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I'm quiet about it in person, but I despise how this cult is really about forcing other people to deny reality. Put on a dress if you like, but don't try to corner me into calling you "she". I'll kindly excuse myself before it comes to that.

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I take a live-and-let-live stance: Grown adults should be able to do as they please, so long as they aren't hurting anyone else.

I know people, though, here in America, that are taking the stance that it's my mindset that has allowed things to become the way they are. They blame the idea of allowing people to live how they want to live for why we're now seeing the worst parts of the trans ideology.

No lie, I had a friendship end because the person who used to be my friend now believes I should be killed for being too permissive of others, and he fully believes that rounding up and executing anyone who he deems "too liberal" ( specifically "anyone to the left of him") is the only option left.

Basically, he's openly advocating for what certain people on the Left are advocating for, just in reverse. And he's not alone in this belief.

It's somewhat scary, honestly, that one side wants to create a push to exterminate anyone who's not as far Left as them, and that's led to a push from the other side to eliminate anyone who's not as far Right as they are, so now everyone seems to be in agreement that 80% of the country just needs to be murdered in government-sanctioned purges, and the only disagreement is on whether it's the leftmost or rightmost 20% that are the only ones that should be permitted to live.

I'd say we've regressed into extreme tribalism, but I think our ability to accept others at even the tribal level has atrophied. At this juncture, I figure human extinction is inevitable, because no one is going to be satisfied that they've crushed all of their enemies until they've silenced every opposition to their own individual thoughts, including that voice of doubt in their own head. The last two humans left will kill each other rather than let someone who might disagree with them draw breath, then the victor will immediately turn on himself to prevent his older self from looking back on his actions and potentially disagreeing with him

There is no future. Welcome to the end of history

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I know people, though, here in America, that are taking the stance that it's my mindset that has allowed things to become the way they are. They blame the idea of allowing people to live how they want to live for why we're now seeing the worst parts of the trans ideology.

There's definitely some truth to that. Tolerance has been twisted into hatred for anyone who dares criticize the favored in-groups.

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And the blame for tolerance turning into that is often placed on those that gave them tolerance, not the ones that got said tolerance and said "this is no longer good enough. Now you must bow, peasant!"

We no longer blame extremists, we blame moderates for "not doing enough" to stop the moderates, and "being moderate" has become synonymous with "not being in 100% lockstep with either one group of extremists or the other."

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Maybe if people keep demanding more and more tolerance, you should stop giving it to them. It is indeed the fault of the tolerant. if someone showed up to your house and said "Hello, I'm a child murderer, can I come in for some coffee?" and your response is "sure, come in, but none of this child murdering business!", then when they say "by the way, can I murder your child?" you say "aww shucks, I guess I have no choice, do I? Go ahead!", you would be 100% at fault, not only for letting this obviously horrendous person in in the first place, but especially for continuing to be their doormat even after their nefarious intent was made exceedingly obvious and the imminent realization of that intent was looming. And not only this, but now you rabidly attack anyone who rightfully blames you for this.

If you hold open the gate for the enemy, then you surely share at least some of the blame, do you not? I genuinely cannot understand how you fail to process this. is it cope? Is it a sunk cost sort of situation?

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It's not the fault of the "if you're not hurting anyone, it's nobody's business" crowd when someone decides to start hurting people.

Much in the same way it's not the NRA's fault when some isolated little weirdo decides to grab a gun and do something horrible.

Maybe try blaming bad actions on the bad actors, rather than blaming those uninvolved? Or is the idea of personal responsibility maybe a difficult thing to grasp?

As for the infamous "where do we draw the line" argument, well, that part's pretty obvious: When something occurs between consenting adults, there's not a problem. Once it involves children, people who don't consent, or people who can't consent, it's a problem.

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Maybe try blaming bad actions on the bad actors

You say that like it's not already happening. This Boomer lolbert NAP bullshit is, again, the reason we're here, and no amount of cope and deflection escapes that.

Your "just let people enjoy things" attitude is essentially an endorsement of trannies, faggots, and every other social ill that has befallen humanity. Do you not realize that these people are not just "random crazies" as you say, they're an infection. You can't "tolerate" a disease, you can't let a malignant tumor "do it's own thing", because it's VERY EXISTENCE HARMS THE HOST.

Once it involves children, people who don't consent, or people who can't consent, it's a problem.

It has ALWAYS involved children. It has ALWAYS involved people who don't and can't consent. Your fail to realize that these people are evil, either that, or you do and simply don't care.

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So the solution is what, here?

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The solution is to ban this faggotry and ban any promotion or normalization of it. If it's okay to force people to get dubious injections and enforce a draconian dress code for a virus with a <1% mortality rate, then it's VERY okay to punish people for promoting corrupting, harmful moral syphilis that invariably results in pedophilia, mass suicide, AIDS, etc.

Unfortunately however, this kind of justice will never happen until spineless cuckolds like you grow a pair and stop being a human doormat for the most worthless subhumans the human race has to offer.

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Ban faggotry? So how do you ban sexual activity between consenting adults?

Seriously, the entire Muslim world is still working on how to do that, and even they can't figure it out, despite "public execution" being an option.

It's not being a "human doormat" to say "leave people alone who aren't hurting anyone else," it's pretty much one of the foundational ideals of America

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Seriously, the entire Muslim world is still working on how to do that, and even they can't figure it out

They seem to be pretty good at it actually. The shortfalls are probably due to the fact that most of their governments are shitty and nonfunctional.

It's not being a "human doormat" to say "leave people alone who aren't hurting anyone else,"

Except it literally is. And as I have said before, yet you refuse to acknowledge, these people ARE hurting other people, in fact, they're hurting EVERYONE else to some extent.

it's pretty much one of the foundational ideals of America

Which is how you can tell it's probably a bad idea. A nation founded almost entirely by atheist, Enlightenment freemasons should generally serve as an example of what NOT to trust or imitate.

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Exactly. World War III is inevitable, and it's going to be battle royale mode.

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They shake their heads and say "bless their hearts". Then they talk about the funny looking ones behind their backs.

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97% of people are happier after transitioning. So just take some estradiol and chop your dick and balls off.

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basically the same exact stance as we have towards people addicted to plastic surgery.

we all know there's something wrong with them mentally to want to do that, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone else we don't really care. and yeah some people are probably gonna get mad if they enter "natural" beauty pageants or try giving botox to kids, but by and large society just sees them, smiles, and makes a small mental note to avoid them.

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I doubt anyone cares. But idpol somehow gets people talking and it really alienates people. It's almost as if it's designed to be divisive.

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The average person would think the same as any other minority: When you want to be treated the same as any other person would be, we'll grant you the right to be treated that way. As long as you don't hurt anyone else or demand special treatment, we'll give you the bare minimum standard of respect that is "I'll let you go about your day and pay it no mind."

The problem is that too many people are demanding special treatment right now and claiming special treatment is showing respect and people push back on that to "no, you don't get this special treatment", while at the same time raising people who are actively hurting people on a pedestal and leading people to respond "your boos mean nothing to me, I've seen the people you cheer."

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The average person wouldn't care unless it directly got in their way. That is the best case for people wanting/demanding "validation".