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And you're a filthy cuckold for hitler.Why not make like your leader and remove yourself.

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    Buddy i live in NY and know of a few jewish people.Nobody wants to genocide the white race.Secondly, most jews have been completely nice to me unlike Christians who see everything they don't like as satanic.As for hitler,yeah he really wanted to protect europe by invading several european countries and killing millions of europeans that had nothing to do with jews.I also guess polish people are secretly jews also since they hate hitler and were killed in the holocaust as well.

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      You mean the fake accounts run by trolls who pretend to be jewish like this one? BTW this is typical for a neo nazi to make a bunch of claims that jews did but don't even post any evidence of it.Where's the evidence jews as a whole group were involved with Haiti,rhodesia,south africa,iberia,ukraine,etc?Right back at you too.No matter how much evidence i give you that stuff like the holocaust happened,you'll write it off as "jewish propaganda".